Fantastic Memory - Patch Notes - August 15th

ANNOUNCE 8/12/2019 5:49:19 PM

Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes, with numerous Quality of Life updates and the new Interaction Maker system!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Summer Master Plan Events 2019: Monday, June 3rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 22nd, Before Maintenance
  • Connous Beach Vacation Event: Monday, July 25th, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 22nd, Before Maintenance
  • Freestyle Musician Box: Monday, August 1st, After Maintenance - Thursday, August 29th, Before Maintenance
  • Mysterious Thief Box: Monday, August 15th, After Maintenance - Thursday, September 12th, Before Maintenance
  • Fantastic Memory Relay Event: Monday, August 15th, After Maintenance - Thursday, October 10th, Before Maintenance
  • Interaction Crafter: Monday, August 15th, After Maintenance

  • Interaction Crafter:

    Check out full post regarding the new content update Interaction Crafter for more details!

    • A new system, the Interaction Crafter, has been added!
    • Access the menu one of two ways:
      • Select the bottom right arrow option on the main in-game task bar, then click 'Interaction Crafter'.
      • Open the 'Pet Information' Window ('T') by selecting the Pet Icon on the main in-game task bar, then click 'Interaction Crafter'.
    • Open it up to manage your Interactions between your character, pets, and props(chairs)!

    Quality of Life:

    The following quality of life features have been implemented:

    Auction House Improvement:

    • When registering or purchasing on the auction house, a warning will be displayed if the price is different from the average price by more than 90%.
    • Default search options have changed from [All] to [General].
    • Used Skill Books or Enchant Scrolls with 0 durability can no longer be listed.
    • When registering a 'Regular Listing' the price per item to be registered with the unit displayed is now shown.
    • When sorting a price with the search option [All], general listing items will show up first.
      • Sorting by 'Bid Listing' items can be distinguished using the search option.
    • Selecting a sub-category on the Auction House now allows Advance Search even though a name of an item hasn’t been inputted.
    • You are now able to relist items for sale on the Auction House without retrieving them first.

    Fashionogi Improvements:

    • You can change the background color from white to black when previewing items in Personal shops, Simon’s shop, the Auction House, or the marketplace.
    • You can now store Tails and Face Accessories in the Dressing Room.
    • You can now live preview dyes on your equipped equipment when selecting a dye color in the dye window!
    • You can now search for specific hairstyles, eyes, face shapes, and mouths in the Dressing Room!

    Inventory/UI Improvements:

    • Items in the inventory are now highlighted more clearly.
    • When a new item is obtained, the NEW tag is displayed more clearly.
    • Anytime you obtain an item or obtain new stats, there will be a “Close All” option on the pop-up.
    • Weapons now display the correct weapon type in the item tooltip.
      • Example: Fast Ranged Weapon -> Fast Bow
    • The rank of the applied enchant is now displayed in the item tooltip.
    • When accessing the Bank, reforging UI, or Trade Window, if you move the window to a different location on your screen, the location is saved, even when you log out.
    • You can now search for recipes in the following production windows:
      • Weaving
      • Handicraft
      • Refining
      • Cooking
      • Potion Making
      • Carpentry
      • Hillwen Engineering
      • Magic craft
    • You can now see your current channel when the Move Channels pop-up appears!

    Homestead Improvements:

    • You can now select multiple homestead props and remove them all at once!
      • Certain props require Homestead Stones to retrieve.
      • You cannot retrieve a crop field if there are crops still growing or waiting to be collected.

    Leveling Skill Improvements:

    • If a skill was reset, you can CTRL + Click to re-rank the skill to the max rank.
    • You can now use “CTRL+Click” to increase or decrease multiple Crusader sub-skill levels at once.

    Soul Stream Improvements:

    • You now have the option to keep equipped items when rebirthing.
    • When VIP is active, and it is your Milletian’s birthday, you have the option of visiting Nao or not visiting Nao in the Soul Stream.

    Personal Settings and Option Improvements:

    • Personal settings will now be saved and won't reset when logging in from a different device/PC.
    • You can now disable the white flash that occurs on screen when you get a critical hit or when a skill uses that effect.
      • To disable the effect, go to Options -> Effect -> Critical Effect
    • There is a new option that you can toggle so that a skill is not canceled even when you click on the skill pop-up above your character’s head.
      • To enable this option, go to Options -> Game -> Control
    • You can now disable the function of displaying Technique cards when pressing the ALT key.
      • To no longer display technique cards, go to Options -> Game -> ETC
      • Check the box next to “Disable the Technique Card Display”
    • You can now use 2nd titles by themselves.
      • This change only affects 2nd titles that do not have to be equipped with a 1st title.
        • Example: “the Stormborne” title cannot be used on its own.
    • Support Puppets now have a “Shield Activation/Deactivation” function.
      • Shields can only be activated when the support puppet is “active”.


    • Already achieved Grandmaster talents no longer appear on the list when selecting from the Grandmaster list from Lezzaro.
    • There are new chat tabs!
      • Normal Chat Tab
      • Beginner Chat Tab
      • Family Chat Tab
    • Using Holy Water of Lymilark or Massive Holy Water of Lymilark now only takes 4 seconds.
    • You can use “CTRL+Click” to purchase items directly from shops with other currencies such as Event Coins, Adventurer Seals, etc.
    • If you are purchasing items that use a different currency (Example: Special Event Coins, Adventurer Seals, etc), you can now see the amount of that currency owned in the shop UI.
    • There are new and updated screen loading tips!

    The following bugs have been fixed:

    • Fixed an issue where using recommended appearances during character creation or rebirthing caused characters to appear abnormally.
    • Fixed an issue where if you were trying to move and you clicked on your own or someone else’s 2nd title image, you could not move to that area.
    • Fixed an issue where some system messages did not appear in the system tab.
    • Fixed an issue where the Personal Shop message appeared in the system tab.
    • Fixed an issue where the sound was very loud when your inventory and bag were opened simultaneously.