Holiday Events Galore!

EVENT 12/15/2009 2:28:52 PM
The residents of Erinn have begun celebrating the holiday season, and you’re invited to join them!

A large pine tree has been set up near the Town Square in Emain Macha. Sadly, the tree is looking rather bleak and empty. It’s up to you to fix that! Create ornaments via the Handicraft skill by combining five Small Gems, five Twigs, five Large Nails, and a single Thick Thread Ball.

Once you’ve finished crafting your ornament, hang it on the tree! Check back often, because the tree will become more and more magnificent as cheerful citizens continue to decorate it.

In the northern region of Iria, near the giants’ hometown of Vales, a curious pile of snow has formed just outside of town.

Head to the hill above Vales to investigate further, and you’ll find loose snow drifts. Stick your hand in the snow drifts to gather some snow, then use the Handicraft skill to pack the snow into a snowball. Bring snowballs to the pile of snow outside town, and over time, you’ll see the friendly shape of a snowman emerge.

It will take a lot of snow to build the snowman, but once you and your friends have finished the basic foundation, try using decorations (the same ones you used to decorate the tree in Emain Macha) on it and see what happens! Just a bit of patience and effort is all that’s needed to make the snowman perfect.

As you participate in these events, you’ll receive keywords. Use them when you speak to Santa’s Helpers (spread throughout most towns in Erinn) to get a special Candy Cane and a pair of deer antlers. Equip the Candy Cane as a weapon to deliver sweet justice to your enemies or bite into it for a delicious snack!

Happy holidays!