Super Fighter Comic Contest

EVENT 6/1/2012 10:40:41 AM

The Fighter has arrived in Mabinogi and we’re ready to brawl! A new class must mean new adventures, so we are looking at you to tell us the tale of the epic Fighter! Our knuckles are on and we’re ready to rumble!
Here are the guidelines:

• Between June 1 and June 15, 2012, create a four panel comic depicting some of the Fighter’s adventures.
• Use your creativity and imagination! Make it funny, serious, outrageous. It’s all up to you.
• Email your comic, your in-game character name, and server name to [] with “Super Fighter Comic Contest” as the subject.


• This event will run from June 1 – June 15, 2012.
• Three winners will be awarded a Summer Nao Figure.
• Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and inappropriate content (in the opinions of the judges) will be grounds for disqualification.