Trump Event

EVENT 6/29/2012 10:43:34 AM

In the Trump Event, cards rule everything. Collect cards just by logging in, and trade your cards in for gift boxes. If you’re daring enough to defeat Trump monsters, you might even get the coveted Joker card, which can be redeemed for upgrade stones, all-new clothing, shiny new weapons and more!   

Here’s how it works: 

  • Every thirty minutes you’re logged in, you’ll get a card box containing cards from Ace to 9.
  • These cards can be exchanged with the Trump Man for better cards.
  • Trump Event monsters will appear in-game around 7PM each night. The spawns will include a Reaper surrounded by Trump Guards.
  • Trump Guards have a low chance of dropping a Joker card, but defeating a Reaper will always result in a Joker card for everyone who attacked.
  • All cards can be traded in for prizes. The better the card, the better the prize. Joker cards can be redeemed for a Special Box that contains the best prizes of all. 
Prizes included:

  • Heart Queen's Outfit
  • Trump Man Outfit
  • Clover Outfit
  • Heart Eyepatch
  • Lollipop Heart Eyepatch
  • Heart Weapons

Gather your forces and brave the battlefield to start your card collection! Stay logged in, and you’ll be rewarded every 30 minutes!