Beauty Shop Costume Design Contest

EVENT 7/6/2012 2:17:32 PM
Fashion, fun, and freedom! That’s what Mabinogi is all about, and the new Beauty Shop is bringing a whole lot more of all three to the table! Until now, your choices in fashion have been severely limited, but the Beauty Shop will put an end to this fashion crisis and give you the chance to let the world see your design. Grab your art tools and create us some gorgeous fashions for a chance to be featured in the Beauty Shop!

Here are the guidelines:

•Create a complete outfit that can be sold in the Beauty Shop. This includes a top, bottom, accessory, and shoes.
•You will need to create a version for both male and female. Outfits will be made for all races.
•Feel free to use any type of medium for your design (pencils, markers, paint, digital, etc.)
• Make sure to create a full 360 view of your designs. You must use one of these templates!
•Get descriptive and explain the thought process behind your design.
•Use your creativity and imagination!
•Write your in-game character name and server legibly on the design or on a piece of paper next to the submission.
•Email your Beauty Shop design and your in-game character name and server with the subject “Beauty Shop Costume Design” to

*Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and any inappropriate content submitted (in the opinions of the judges) will be grounds for disqualification.

*Please note that once you submit your design you handing the rights over to Nexon.

The event will run from July 6th to July 20th, 2012.  Five runner-up designs will win a Mabinogi fox hat and one Grand Prize winner will get the hat and have their outfits put on sale in the Beauty Shop!

This is only the beginning, my fashionable friends! Look out for future Beauty Shop design contests for a chance to submit your design masterpiece!