Halloween Event

EVENT 10/25/2011 6:19:42 PM

Zombies Invading Erinn!

This Halloween in Mabinogi, doing a favor for a friend becomes a deadly gamble between life and undead.

Between October 26 and November 9, Spooky Halloween Feathers can be used to revive party members, with two possible outcomes. You can either successfully revive a party member with no penalties, or have black magic get involved and curse your party member into becoming a zombie. When a player is cursed, he is forced to wander Erinn as a zombie infecting others as he gets near. Since it is Halloween, cursing a party member will award you with a Halloween Token.

Not ready for your brain to be fed on by the undead? Fear not! Purchase Holy Pumpkin Candy from the Halloween Envoy NPC and use these candies to return party members back to normal.

Reviving party members is not an easy trick, and that hard work deserves a treat! Collect 10 Halloween Tokens and exchange them for a gift box from the Halloween Envoy NPC once a day during the event period. Each gift box contains an exclusive Halloween weapon, from the new Skull Battle Axe and the Ghost Hammer to old favorites like the Pumpkin Hats and Witch/Ghost Robes.