Dress for Success: The Merchant of Venice Cosplay Event

EVENT 11/9/2011 5:27:44 PM

Memo to all Merchants! To welcome the arrival of Merchant of Venice, we shall be holding a very business savvy Cosplay event. Grab your finest professional or trademan’s garb and your best wares for display and get ready to show us how you dress for success!

To enter the Dress for Success Cosplay Event:

·      Dress up as a Merchant and show us your best shot of you and your wares. You can dress your character as "yourself" or any in-game NPC that has something to do with the Commerce system or selling something.

·      Send your entry with subject line “Dress for Success Cosplay Event” to webevents@nexon.net.

o   Please include your in-game character name and the server you play on.

o   Please include in the body of the email why you chose the outfit you did and what the secret of your success in Mabinogi is.

·      Your screenshot should be creative and use any items you feel show off your character and fit the theme of the event!


·      Contest runs between November 9 to November 23, 2011. All submissions must be entered by 11:59 PM (Pacific) November 23, 2011

·      Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and inappropriate content in the opinions of the judges shall be grounds for disqualification.

·      At the end of the event five winners will be selected and given a Mabinogi Shakespeare Mousepad. Business is a combination of war and sport.


Business is a combination of war and sport.

-- Andre Maurois


The best of luck to you all!