Cookie Wand Event

EVENT 11/9/2011 6:48:31 PM

Enjoy the Cookie Wand Event (Milk not included)!

Who says cookies are a “sometimes” food? Not us!

We love cookies so much in Erinn, we find all kinds of ways to enjoy them. In fact the latest craze is monster cookies! No, we’re not talking about cookies in the shape of monsters; we mean monsters in the shape of cookies!

Just grab a Cookie Wand and smash some monsters for a delicious treat!

To get your cookie wand, simply visit Ruwai in Cor. He’ll be selling wands in Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla versions. Simply equip the wand like any normal weapon and click on a monster for a chance to turn them into a yummy snack time treat!

The flavor of the monster cookie will correspond with the flavor wand you purchase. And each flavor offers different benefits.

  • Consume Chocolate monster cookie: Max HP +15, Str +7, Will +7
  • Consume Strawberry monster cookie: Max MP +15, Int +7, Will +7
  • Consume Vanilla monster cookie: Max Stamina +15, Dex +7, Will +7
  • Consume any flavor Cookie Wand: Max HP +5, Max MP +5, Max Stamina +5, Int +5

Of course, there are some monsters that cannot be turned into cookies, so be careful. We’d hate for you to become the snack! The Cookie Monsters Event runs from November 10th to November 23rd, 2011.