• Orange Pixie

    Price: 2,900 NX

  • Limited Time Sale! This pet is 50% Off from Wednesday, June 3 - Tuesday, June 16.

    • Inventory Size : 5 x 6

    While cats are not known be very obedient or friendly, the Orange Pixie is an exception to this common perception. Adorable and handsome at the same time, this furry feline is the most gentle and amicable pet in all of Erinn.

    Easily recognized by its short orange fur, the Orange Pixie is also identifiable by the white coloring on its chest and paws, giving it the appearance of wearing socks. More unique is the glowing eyes with pupils that dilate in the dark.

    Like all other cats, the Orange Pixie has an exceptional learning ability. So it acquires experience much quicker than other pets. Its high level of intelligence allows it to learn and use spells at a much quicker rate as well.

    One distinguishing characteristic of the Orange Pixie is that it shows tremendous growth on MP and intelligence as it matures, as opposed to HP and Strength. Compare the Orange Pixie's summon time with other cats to find out just how obedient the Orange Pixie is. When you summon this cat, you'll notice that your level of intelligence improves, and it'll also contribute in damaging enemies in battles.

    Take a Orange Pixie home today and experience firsthand the joy of owning Erinn's most adorable pet!

    Available Skills

    • Resting
    • Defense : Enabled when your pet's level is over 3.
    • Smash : Enabled when your pet's level is over 5.
    • Combat Mastery
    • Healing
    • Critical Hit
    • Counterattack
    • Lightning Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 7.
    • Ice Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 10.
    • First Aid

    Summon Time 102 min / HP 34 / MP 38 / Stamina 32 / Strength 27 / Intelligence 22 / Dexterity 25 / Will 20 / Luck 16 / Inventory 5x6