• Japanese Bobtail

    Price: 2,900 NX

    • Inventory Size : 4 x 7

    The Japanese Bobtail is distinguished by its spots and short tail. The Bobtail's shiny white coat is covered with orange and black spots, creating a unique multi-hued pattern. Like other cats, the Japanese Bobtail is adorable in its infancy and its pupils enlarge and glow in the dark.

    Japanese Bobtails are generally very friendly and interact regularly with humans; tales of Bobtails have been passed down for many generations.

    The Japanese Bobtail's mischievous personality is endearing and well-known throughout Erinn. It also is a very fast learner that gains EXP quickly. The Bobtail's cleverness also allows it to use magic more often than other pets.

    Having a higher MP than other cats enables the Bobtail to wield magic quite frequently, making it very beneficial to owners. The Bobtail's only shortcoming is its weak Will, but it's trivial when compared to its other strengths.

    Besides the Lightning Bolt (default for all cats), the Japanese Bobtail is unique in that it can use the Ice Bolt skill if properly trained.

    Many owners who prefer the Japanese Bobtail also can enjoy another benefit: Their Critical Hit skill rank is noticeably higher. The Japanese Bobtail is known to boost its owner's Critical Hit skill.

    If you are a cat lover, bring home a Japanese Bobtail today and enjoy one of Erinn's truly exceptional pets.

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Combat Mastery
    • Healing
    • Counterattack
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Ice Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 10
    • First Aid

    Summon Time 113 min / HP 36 / MP 41 / Stamina 32 / Strength 26 / Intelligence 21 / Dexterity 26 / Will 19 / Luck 16 / Inventory 4x7