White Sheep

Price: 5,400 NX

  • Inventory Size : 4 x 6
  • Wool can be collected

This White Sheep is a Merino breed and is prized for its soft and white wool it provides. White Sheep that are available for purchase through our Premium Shop are specially hand-picked for their high level of intelligence and for their ability to deliver maximum amount of wool to their owners.

Besides their friendly appearance, they are known for their ability to provide top-quality wool. This ability is perfect for any tailor. The high-quality wool these sheep provide are one of the most basic items required to make clothes in Erinn.

Unlike other sheep that roam around Erinn, these White Sheep are smart enough to stand still to allow their masters to sheer away their wool without being disturbed. Because wool actually grows from the power of mana of these sheep, it's best to collect wool from these sheep during night time when mana is regenerated much faster.

Unlike most animal characters, the sheep's main goal is to provide their masters with quality wool and, by the age of 10, they will show signs of slowing down. The shine and quality of their wool will decrease but their heart will grow bigger.

If you have been struggling to sheer large quantity of wool from sheep grazing near towns, wouldn't the White Sheep be the pet you've been looking for?

Available Skills

  • Rest
  • Defense: Enabled when your pet’s level is over 2
  • Combat Mastery
  • Healing
  • Critical Hit: Enabled when your pet's level is over 4
  • Ice Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 10
  • First Aid
  • Wool can be collected

Summon Time 95 min / HP 42 / MP 30 / Stamina 32 / Strength 14 / Intelligence 12 / Dexterity 22 / Will 12 / Luck 17 / Inventory 4x6