• Dapple Thunder Spaniel

    Price: 5,700 NX

    • Uses the Thunder skill.
    • Becomes even more powerful when partied with a White Thunder Spaniel.
    • Inventory Size: 6 x 6

    You know what they say about big ears... Big flight time! Dappled Thunder Spaniels have ears so big and droopy, they can flap them like wings and use them to fly!

    And that’s not all these elegant little critters can do. Thunder Spaniels are attuned to thunder and lightning, so they know how to fling Lightning at enemies. These practical little guys even power their magic with self-generated static. So that’s what all that long, soft fur is for!

    Because their Lighting magic requires so much mana, Thunder Spaniels have a faster mana recovery rate than other pets.

    But even with all their powers, Thunder Spaniels have two fears: water (they’re THUNDER Spaniels, after all!) and loneliness. Maybe that’s why they increase the HP, MP, and Stamina of nearby friends, and give their beloved masters bonus MP and Critical Hit. They’re so giddy to be around people, they just can’t help it!

    Soft, elegant, adorable, powerful, and they even know how to fly! Thunder Spaniels make the perfect pet. Just keep them away from water!

    (Note: When you rebirth a Thunder Spaniel to another pet, the new pet will not retain the Lightning skill or the fast mana recovery. However, when you rebirth a new pet as a Thunder Spaniel, they will gain the Lightning skill and the fast mana recovery.)

    Available Skills

    • Thunder
    • Rest
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Firebolt
    • Healing: Available at Level 3 and higher.
    • Counterattack: Available at animal Level 3 and higher.
    • First Aid

    Summon Time 103 Minutes / Life 44 / MP 66 / Stamina 44 / Strength 22 / Intelligence 34 / Dexterity 20 / Will 14 / Luck 14 / Inventory Size 6 x 6