• Border Collie

    Price: 4,700 NX

    • Inventory Size : 5 x 8

    Border Collies are a breed of dog widely known for herding sheep because of their high intelligence. Featuring a nice blend of black & white hair, they may be one of the smaller breeds of Collies but it's considered mid-sized among other dogs.

    The game ‘Fetch' might as well be made for Border Collies because that's how much they love to play fetch. These dogs are so hyperactive that they almost fall into depression if they aren't preoccupied with herding sheep or playing around with their masters.

    If the master forgets to pick up an item or is unable to move, Border Collies love to pick up dropped items for their masters at command. If the master's inventory's full, they'll put the item in their own inventory and wait for their masters.

    Thanks to their quickness and dexterity, Border Collies are fast at learning Smash and Counterattack. They can master these skills very quickly, so no one has to worry about entering dungeons with Border Collies.

    Don't ever think that these Border Collies are being overworked and mistreated just because they're constantly running around picking up items for their masters. If you observe carefully, you can tell by looking at their eyes that they're just waiting for their master to give commands and when they look at other pets with envy they're given commands to follow. Border Collies find their true happiness by serving you.

    Rest assured when we say these vivacious and fiercely loyal Border Collies will never stop working for you, whether you're out in the fields or in dungeons battling monsters.

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Combat Mastery
    • Healing
    • Critical Hit: Enabled when your pet's level is over 4
    • Counterattack: Enabled when your pet's level is over 7
    • Fire Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 10
    • First Aid
    • Able to pick up items for the master
    • Able to detect treasure chests

    Summon Time 92 min / HP 52 / MP 37 / Stamina 40 / Strength 24 / Intelligence 18 / Dexterity 27 / Will 24 / Luck 17 / Inventory 5x8