Mabinogi VIP Service

Price: 14,900 NX


Mabinogi VIP Service

Are you ready to live like a VIP? Mabinogi VIP Service enhances your fantasy life with exclusive missions, premium features, and free items so you can make the most of your time in Erinn. Check out the features below:

[VIP Service]

  • Unlimited Continent Warp: 12th hour refresh restrictions are lifted on Continent Warp. Travel as much as you like!
  • Expanded Daily Shadow Mission Bonuses: A 50% experience bonus increase to Two Daily Shadow Missions
  • Free Access to Style Tab: Don’t limit your fashion choices to just armor. The Style Tab allows you to wear your gear, and also wear a decorative outfit without losing your stats!
  • Increased Item Durability: Your items will last longer while you adventure around Erinn

VIP Service Also Includes all the Benefits of Premium Service:

  • Guild creation and management tools
  • Free Homestead Housing lease
  • Rent a House from a Guild that owns a Guild Castle
  • Combat Experience Bonus
  • Camping Penalty removed
  • Experience loss from reviving in town removed
  • Proficiency bonus
  • Access to Premium Gestures
  • Birthday presents from Nao: On your character’s birthday, get an accessory from Nao once every week! The birthday is listed in the Character Info Window under the “Additional Information” tab
  • Daily Advanced Play Items: Get a free random item daily on each of your characters! Look for the “A” at the bottom right of your menu bar
  • Taillteann farmland Rentals: Rent a farmland plot in Taillteann

Mabinogi VIP Service is available in 1-day, 30-day, and 90-day packages. What are you waiting for? Supercharge your fantasy life today!

Important Note: If all the characters on an account are below level 1000, that account will automatically receive FREE Mabinogi Beginner Benefits at no extra charge. The service will last until any one of the characters reaches an overall level of 1000 (including rebirths).

If Mabinogi VIP Service was purchased during the Free Service Period, both free service and Mabinogi VIP Service will be provided simultaneously to that account. Mabinogi VIP Service will begin as soon as the transaction is completed.