Labrador Retriever

Price: 6,400 NX

  • Inventory Size : 6 x 9

Labrador Retrievers are a breed of Retrievers that are renowned for being hunting dogs. Compare to the Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers have shorter hair and are much more active. These dogs are usually black, gray or dark brown.

At Erinn, Labrador Retrievers are known for their shiny black hair. They have tighter physique than Golden Retrievers and feature ample amounts of Stamina. Once they are grown up, they'll back up their masters using Fire Bolts like other dogs.

Labrador Retrievers feature broad shoulders and long limbs, which allows them to carry whatever items their masters ask them to carry. Their inventories are almost the same size as the humans' and that allows the masters to let their trusted companions to carry numerous items. They also feature a high level of Will and HP from an early age, and along with the high levels of Stamina, these animals make an excellent traveling partner for novice adventurers.

For those looking to become miners or weavers in Erinn that have to carry huge items in dangerous places, Labrador Retrievers will be like a match made in heaven.

Available Skills

  • Rest
  • Defense
  • Smash
  • Combat Mastery
  • Healing
  • Critical Hit: Enabled when your pet's level is over 4
  • Counter Attack: Enabled when your pet's level is over 7
  • Fire Bolt: Enabled when your pet's level is over 10
  • First Aid

Summon Time 131 min / HP 75 / MP 35 / Stamina 40 / Strength 23 / Intelligence 16 / Dexterity 20 / Will 27 / Luck 24 / Inventory 6x9