• Guardian Spider

    Price: 5,500 NX

    • Balance, Max Damage, Critical, Defense, and Protection bonuses given when you are with it.
    • Can collect Spider Webs
    • Inventory Size: 6 x 10

    This Guardian Spider comes from a world outside Erinn, but resembles a spider in Uladh. It’s hard to explain how the Guardian Spider ended up in Erinn.

    Considering that Milletians who came through the Soul Stream bear similar appearance as Tuacha de Dannan, perhaps the world the Guardian Spider came from is similar to Erinn also.

    In the Guardian Spider’s world, the giant spiders are a race that lived above and under the ground since the ancient times. After crossing the big river but before reaching the ice valley, you will be able to find them in the where the ancients dwelled. The giant spiders most likely shared their lives and the land with other ancient races for a long time.

    As with other civilizations, the races that spent their time with the spiders eventually faded away, but the spiders survived. The spiders now wait for their turn to disappear into the history as they live in the desolate ground, a place of the ancient memories.

    It’s known that the giant spiders are as violent as their colossal body. The spiders with red or yellow stripes are especially known to be violent and aggressive. However, not all spiders are like so. The rare white giant spiders are very gentle and even communicate with humans in very rare cases.

    In a small village at that outside world, there apparently is this girl who takes care of a white spider as a pet in a cave. In actuality, the white spider is in fact a Guardian Spider that some individuals secretly brought to protect the girl after discovering something special about her. The girl, however, considers this giant spider as her friend. At the moment, the spider lives in the village both as its guardian and a friend of the villagers.

    The story of this Guardian Spider now begins.

    Just like the fate of the Guardian Spider, the fate of both the girl that considers the spider as a friend and that certain mercenary that the girl meets begins to unravel slowly.

    Available Skills

    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Counterattack
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Rest
    • First Aid
    • Healing
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Icebolt
    • Firebolt
    • Web Spinning

    Summoning Time 104 min / HP 88 / MP 35 / Stamina 57 / Strength 40 / Intelligence 21 / Dexterity 30 / Will 33 / Luck 26 / Inventory Size 6 x 10