• Laghodessa

    Price: 6,500 NX

  • The Laghodessa is a violent denizen of Erinn's dungeons, rightfully feared by many adventurers. But no matter how scary you are, wouldn't you just love to have one for a pet? Wouldn't it be a thrill to tame the untamable?

    If that's the case, it's your lucky day! Adventurers have finally tamed the Spike Laghodessa.

    Until now, many thought these creatures were mindless brutes. It turns out they were wrong!

    A tamed Spike Laghodessa uses Healing and Lightning Bolt to aid its owner. Be amazed as the Spike Laghodessa learns the healing arts with remarkable speed.

    Just like its cousins in the wild, the Spike Laghodessa is strong in combat. A newly-hatched Laghodessa is as strong as a small bear.

    Unfortunately, the adult Laghodessa doesn't grow in strength as quickly as a bear. Still, its base stats are exceptional compared to other pets, and if you treat this spider with love, it will be a loyal companion.

    You've seen horrors--now the horror is on your side. Whether you're looking for a new friend or just a change of pace, the Spike Laghodessa may be the perfect pet for you.

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • First Aid
    • Defense
    • Attack
    • Critical Hit
    • Healing
    • Lightning Bolt

    Summon Time 107 Minutes / Life 66 / MP 23 / Stamina 45 / Strength 32 / Intelligence 15 / Dexterity 18 / Will 26 / Luck 16 / Inventory Size 6 x 6