• Essential Erinn Pack

    Price: 25,000 NX

  • The Essential Erinn Pack is everything you need to begin your adventures in Mabinogi! This pack Features:
    • Bone Dragon Pet: A massive, skeletal dragon that terrifies your foes with its mere presence. Hop on his back and take the fight to the skies!
    • Nimbus Pet: A soft and fluffy cloud that flies faster than almost anything. Keep the cloud with you, the pet's healing will keep you in tip-top shape!
    • 30 Day VIP Service: 30 days of Mabinogi's top-tier status, featuring expanded Shadow Missions that increases the reward amount and allows you to do more daily shadow missions! Also, get free access to the style tab, to customize your character without having to sacrifice your armor! You'll also be able to travel further with Continent Warp and much, much more!

    Transaction Limit: 1 Per Customer