• Greyhound

    Price: 4,600 NX

    • When the master transforms into a Paladin, so will this pet
    • Inventory Size : 4 x 7

    For those that have seen the Greyhounds for the very first time, they are struck by their long, lean body that resembles that of a horse, with a small, narrow head to boot. Their initial appearance is so striking, that some people commented that they look straight out of the paintings of Modigliani and into Erinn. Their slim appearance notwithstanding, if you stand next to them, you'll be doubly amazed by their deceptively huge body, reaching all the way to your waistline.
    Seriously, they are much bigger than you think.

    With a huge, yet slim body, they may look hot-tempered and impatient,
    but Greyhounds are generally very calm by nature, with an ability to read the people's minds, so anyone that has spent time with them realize that the looks don't tell the whole story. They are so supportive of their masters that with their presence, their masters generally tend to receive a boost in Stamina and Will.

    Greyhounds are very quick and athletic, and that comes in very handy in combat situations when helping out their masters. From the moment they are born, they have knowledge of skills such as Combat Mastery and Critical Hit, and an advanced knowledge of Defense, Smash, and Counterattack, with a fast learning speed. Greyhounds that have reached a certain level can even use sophisticated spells like Healing and Firebolt.

    These Greyhounds are also renowned for their ability to transform as Paladins when their masters turn into one. They receive the power of nature the master brings in to transform as one, and when the masters return to their original states, so do they. Greyhounds' ability to use the blessings of the nature to recognize and emulate the power of their masters also allows the masters to fully utilize their potential as the Paladins.

    Just remember this one thing. You can only transform as a Paladin once a day in Erinn. If, by chance, the transformed Greyhound turns unconscious, the pet will turn back to its original state.

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Combat Mastery (Rank D)
    • Critical Hit (Rank D)
    • Defense
    • Smash : Available when the animal reaches Level 5
    • Counterattack
    • Healing (Rank D)
    • Firebolt : Available when the animal reaches Level 5
    • First Aid

    Summon Time 112 min / HP 64 / MP 39 / Stamina 53 / Strength 30 / Intelligence 24 / Dexterity 25 / Will 28 / Luck 22 / Inventory Size 4 x 7

    Based on the owner's Paladin skill, the following stats for the Greyhounds will also increase.

    • Spirit of Order : HP/MP/Stamina/Protection/Defense
    • Power of Order : Strength/Will
    • Eye of Order : Dexterity/Balance
    • Sword of Honor : Min. Attack/Max. Attack /Min. Injury Rate /Max. Injury Rate