• Borzoi

    Price: 5,200 NX

    • When the master transforms into a Paladin, so will this pet
    • Inventory Size : 6 x 6

    Take one look at a Borzoi, and you'll be struck by its physical characteristics. That's because you've probably seen them before. A mixed breed of Greyhound and Collies, they have the general slender features of Greyhound, coupled with the long legs of the Collies. They also feature thick hair that are most ready for the colder regions of Erinn. They are so full of class and nobility that they are known as the hunting dogs for the royalties.

    Their most famous feature is of course, the long, silky soft fur they wear. They usually feature different colors from brown to white, and some even have black spots on them, but the Borzois featured in Erinn all feature light cream color.

    Because of their graceful appearance, they are incorrectly thought of as a dog for show only. Borzois are, in fact, hunting dogs. With a burning speed coupled with a desire to track down the prey at all times, Borzoi is the perfect companion if you are looking to hunt a specific target.
    Even their hunting technique presents their careful, sophisticated nature; instead of going for the killer bite with brute strength, they utilize their balanced attacking abilities to apply the fatal hit.
    The masters that raise these Borzois tend to be affected by their tenacity themselves, which in turn, boosts their HP and Will.

    Borzois are usually quiet, withdrawn, and a bit headstrong, but once you get to know them, you'll realize how compassionate they can also get. Because of their sensitive nature, they'd much rather take a walk on the grass in rural areas than living in a convoluted city.
    As a result, they bond very well with nature, and are also very receptive to the power of the spirit.

    This is the main reason when their masters transform into Paladins, they are also able to make the transformation themselves, by being receptive to the power of the spirit. They'll also sport the same armor as their Paladin masters, and when the master's transformation ends, so do they. Just be aware that when a transformed Borzoi is knocked unconscious, it'll turn back into a normal state.

    The classy, elegant Borzois may be a perfect match for those who'd rather have a queit, friendly pet as opposed to a loud, chaotic one. Equal parts powerful and graceful, with the ability to transform as a Paladin, the Borzois will always stand by your side and provide the quiet support you've always wanted.

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Counterattack
    • Healing : Available when the animal reaches Level 3
    • Firebolt : Available when the animal reaches Level 3
    • First Aid

    Summon Time 109 min. / HP 57 / MP 43 / Stamina 56 / Strength 27 / Intelligence 26 / Dexterity 23 / Will 30 / Luck 25 / Inventory Size 6 x 6

    Based on the owner's Paladin skill, the following stats for the Borzois will also increase.

    • Spirit of Order : HP/MP/Stamina/Protection/Defense
    • Power of Order : Strength/Will
    • Eye of Order : Dexterity/Balance
    • Sword of Honor : Min. Attack/Max. Attack /Min. Injury Rate /Max. Injury Rate