• Snowy Owl

    Price: 6,900 NX

    • Able to sit on its master's head
    • Picks up items with the "Fetch!" command
    • Inventory Size: 7 x 9

    Since ancient times, the owl has been regarded as a wise and clever bird. Perhaps, that is why people have always shared such a close rapport with the Snowy Owls of Erinn.

    The Snowy Owl features many special abilities. For instance, the Snowy Owl can sit on top of its master's head. Depending on the movement of its master, the owl will display various actions such as nodding its head as it drifts in and out of sleep or flapping its wings in excitement. Also, at the simple command of "Fetch!" the Snowy Owl will soar away and bring back something useful for its master. What's more, the Snowy Owl is famous for having keen eyesight, even in pitch darkness!

    As an owner, you would benefit from vital stats such as Max HP and MP, and Critical. In addition, the Snowy Owl has a good-sized inventory.

    With its curious round eyes and cream-colored wings, the owl perfectly matches the mysterious feel of the Eweca shining in the night's sky. Enhance your unique Fantasy Life with your own personal Snowy Owl!

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Counter Attack
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Healing
    • First Aid
    • Fire Bolt
    • Ice Bolt
    • Lightning Bolt

    Summoning Time 97min / HP 47 / MP 46 / Stamina 54 / Strength 29 / Intelligence 34 / Dexterity 29 / Will 22 / Luck 29 / Inventory Size 7 x 9