Antique Mimic

Price: 8,100 NX

  • Allows its master to hide inside, and molds mimic statues
  • Inventory Size : 6 x 9

Many claims which hypothesize the origin of the strange and mysterious Mimics exist amongst people in Erinn. Some say a breed of monsters that had huge mouths evolved into what is now known as Mimics, while others speculate that a monster hides inside every Mimic like a turban snail donning a shell big enough to hide its entire body.

From wherever they may originate, Mimics can now be tamed as pets to accompany you in your adventures. Resembling a magician's secret chest, the Antique Mimic offers amusing qualities that make this pet different from regular Mimics.

As the master of a Antique Mimic, you will be presented with a number of benefits no other pet has offered in the past. Your character can hide inside the Antique Mimic whenever his/her life is at stake, and once inside, the Antique Mimic allows you to freely navigate, revealing only the eyes of your character while the rest of his/her body remains hidden inside. Furthermore, the Antique Mimic also provides protection which rivals the protection of sturdy armor, alleviating the damage inflicted on you when you are attacked by an enemy.

As its name defines, the Antique Mimic enjoys mimicking. It can swallow a monster that is running low on HP in one bite and eject a statue that looks just like the monster it consumed. The statue is molded in various poses, so anyone can easily sculpt a statue with the help of the Antique Mimic.

Although the Antique Mimic will not be able to swallow powerful monsters, it can create a metal statue of the Monsters with low HP if you store Copper, Silver, and Gold Plates inside the Mimic. Creating unique statues can serve as your creative outlet, and you can even show off your masterpiece to your friends!

The Antique Mimic is commodious enough to hide up to three people inside, And like other pets, it comes with many benefits. In addition to the aforementioned advantages,It provides a boost in HP and MP, and allows you to inflict greater damage on your opponent.

Add a touch of vintage charm to spice up your adventures in Erinn by traveling with an Antique Mimic.

Available Skills

  • Rest
  • Defense
  • Combat Mastery
  • Critical Hit
  • Healing
  • Lightning Bolt
  • First Aid
  • Swallow

Summon Time 121 min / HP 67 / MP 28 / Stamina 30 / Strength 27 / Intelligence 17 / Dexterity 18 / Will 24 / Luck 20 / Inventory Size 6 x 9