• Persian

    Price: 6,100 NX

    • Reactively morphs into a Human under Palala.
    • Inventory Size: 4 x 8

    With a round face, round eyes, round feet, and even a round curled tail, the Persian is known for its gentle and calm personality that matches its elegant appearance.

    But the Persian in Erinn is a bit more special. It reacts uniquely to Palala's light and can amazingly morph into a Human. Through this mysterious morphing ability, the Persian can increase its HP, MP, Stamina, Strength, Intelligence, Will, and Luck, as well as employ a basic level Windmill skill.

    The morphed Persian can also charm its owner by imitating the owner's behavior. What's more, it shows its special affection by helping the owner increase his or her MP and Intelligence.

    Experience all of the mysterious charm of the Persian with its fascinating morphing ability and exceptional magic skills!

    Available Skills

    • Rest
    • Defense
    • Smash
    • Counter Attack
    • Combat Mastery
    • Critical Hit
    • Healing
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Icebolt
    • First Aid
    • Windmill (Can only be used when morphed into Human form)

    Summon Time 112 minutes / HP 36 / MP 43 / Stamina 32 / Strength 25 / Intelligence 27 / Dexterity 24 / Will 20 / Luck 15 / Inventory Size 4 x 8