Rin-Len Premium Character Cards

ANNOUNCE 4/10/2013 11:05:54 AM

From April 10th to April 23rd, 2013, the Kagamine Rin - Kagamine Len Premium Character Card can be used to create a new character, or to rebirth your existing character to have a new appearance. Kagamine Rin - Kagamine Len Premium Character Card allows you to select unique and attractive premium appearances and it also allows you to select the Kagamine Rin (F) or Kagamine Len (M) only appearance! A special note with a hint that will help you obtain the Prefix Title will be given out as a special bonus when the card is used during the event period.

Costume Sets (Gender/Race Specific):

Kagamine Rin (F)

Kagamine Rin Outfit, Kagamine Rin Headset, Kagamine Rin Shoes, Kagamine Rin's Special Note

Kagamine Len (M)

Kagamine Len Outfit, Kagamine Len Giant Headset, Kagamine Len Shoes, Kagamine Len’s Special Note

Prefix Titles (Gender Specific):

Kagamine Rin (F)

(Music Buff Skill Effect +3, Protection +3)

Kagamine Len (M)

(Music Buff Skill Effect +3, Critical +2%)

* The prefix title can only be obtained during The Seeker of the Prefix Title event.

Outfit Animation:

Special Rin Kagamine/Len Kagamine Dance Moves