Ninja Shuriken Paper Craft Contest

EVENTS 7/28/2014 5:38:09 PM
The Age of the Ninja is upon us and warriors far and wide are training to become masters of this ancient art!

The Ninja Shuriken Paper Craft Contest has officially come to an end and what a contest it was! You, our loyal fans, created some of the most spectacular weapons we have ever seen, and each and every one of you is a ninja master in our eyes.

Now, to the main event - join us in congratulating our winners!

Chinastu - Alexina

Valheima - Mari

Evemyrr - Mari

Teaish - Ruairi

Violetty - Tarlach

Starblazes - Tarlach

Dreviathal - Ruairi

They may be made from paper, but those are the deadliest shurikens we've ever seen. Congrats again to our winning ninjas, and thank you to everyone who participated!

To show your enthusiasm for the Ninjas' arrival, we're calling on all Mabinogi artists to design their very own Shuriken. All you need to do is grab your art supplies and unleash the power of your imagination as you fold and decorate a Shuriken out of paper and craft supplies. 5 winners will receive a Nine-Tailed Fox pet!

Event Dates: Monday, July 28 - Monday, August 11 (2 weeks)

How to Participate:
  • A minimum of three different craft supplies should be used when creating your Shuriken (for example: glitter, paint, and pipe cleaners). Imagination too big for just three? Fear not! You can use as many different craft supplies as you like.
  • Supplies can include, but are not limited to: paper, paint, pencils, pens, glitter, glue, wrapping paper, etc. Be creative!
  • When you have completed your Shuriken, take a picture with your in-game character name and server written legibly on a piece of paper next to your submission.
  • Post the image along with your in-game character name and server on this forum thread between Monday, July 28 and Monday, August 11.
  • Multiple submissions, plagiarism, and inappropriate content (in the opinions of the judges) shall be grounds for disqualification.
  • All decisions of the judges are final.