Mabinogi Campfire Announcements from Dec 1st Event

ANNOUNCE 11/13/2018 10:19:28 AM

Our sincere and warm thanks to everyone to came from near and far to visit us at our first ever Mabinogi Campfire Event. We enjoyed seeing and meeting everyone who came and for those who were unable to join us check out the details of the news that was shared during the Q&A and Announcements below.

Coming this week on Dec. 6th

  • Memory Book Update
  • Gachapon Rate Reveal
  • Pet/Partner slot increase by 100
  • Color Palette Customization for all races (aka Dark Elves Update)

Future Updates

  • VIP/Premium Revamp
  • Name Changes
  • 4 Generations will be included as a part of the new Chapter 7
  • Chapter 7 will be brought to North America January 2019 with G22
  • Generation 22
  • Generation 23
  • Giant Revamp
  • Crossover
  • Server Merge?

Catch the replay of the event as seen on Twitch Mabinogi Campfire Stream on