The Mugwort Leaf Event

EVENT 7/29/2011 2:42:35 PM
A drought has come to Erinn! The lack of water has caused the leaves of Mugwort plants to wilt. Wait, what is a Mugwort, anyway? Upon logging in on August 3rd, you will receive a message from Dorren in Taillteann, asking you to bring her a Life Crystal. Life Crystals may be found from monsters and fomors all across Erinn and drop from creatures that appear Strong, Awful, or Boss. Once you bring Dorren a Life Crystal, she will explain their unique properties and how they are used in conjunction with Mugwort Leaves.

During your quest to find a Life Crystal, you may have seen Dispatched Alchemists and Mages around Tir Chonaill, Dunbarton, Emain Macha, Taillteann, and Tara. The Alchemists will collect Life Crystals which are used to generate rain. A large number of Life Crystals are required to help the Alchemist with his Rain Casting. He accepts donations from all adventurers and all donations go toward the Rain Casting alchemy he is preparing.

When the required number of Life Crystals are collected, the Dispatched Alchemist will begin his ritual, causing rain to fall. This special rain will revitalize the Mugwort Leaves, making them available for harvest. You will be able to find Mugwort plants around the outskirts of each of the towns listed.

Gather fifty Mugwort Leaves and deliver them to the Dispatched Mages that are accompanying the Alchemists in town. They will repay you for your services with a Mugwort Leaf Event Gift Box. Of course, this gift box contains some pretty cool items:

Battle Mandolin
Maid Dress (Short)
Maid Dress (Long)
Butler's Suit
Valencia Cross Line Plate Armor (F)
Valencia Cross Line Plate Armor (M)
Valencia Cross Line Plate Armor (Giant)
Valencia Cross Line Plate Gauntlet
Valencia Cross Line Plate Gauntlet (Giant)
Valencia Cross Line Plate Boots

...and of course, potions!

The Mugwort Leaf Event will run from August 3rd to August 16th.