The Puzzlemaster Demands a Rematch!

EVENT 7/29/2011 4:11:35 PM
Impressed with Mabinogians all across Erinn, the Puzzlemaster has returned to Taillteann to once again challenge adventurers. He'll be there the entire month of August, from so get ready to exercise your wit once more!

Week 1 - Puzzlemaster's Ghost Sketch

The Puzzlemaster's first challenge sends you in search of Zombie Groups. These Zombie Groups appear all around towns throughout Erinn. You will be required to sketch the correct zombie, then return to the Puzzlemaster. When you bring the Puzzlemaster a sketch of the correct zombie, you will be rewarded with a new Puzzlemaster's Gift Box. This Gift Box contains items that differ from the July Puzzlemaster challenges.

Week 2 - Disarm the Bomb!

By defeating monsters and fomors that are Strong, Awful, or Boss, you have a chance to receive a Trick Bomb Box. Bring the Trick Bomb Box back to the Puzzlemaster and he will ask you to open it. Of course, you'll need to open it before it explodes in your face! You'll have 60 seconds to guess the correct combination. To disarm the bomb, enter a series of numbers, up to 3. "O" means that the right number is in the right spot. Triangle means that there is a correct number, but in the wrong spot. "X" means that this number isn't used anywhere in the combination. If you disarm the Bomb Box, you will receive a Puzzlemaster Gift Box.

Week 3 - Zombie Cards

Once again, defeat monsters around Erinn for a chance for them to drop Zombie Cards. You will need to create your best Zombie Hand by combining the best cards you have into 2-of-a-kind, 3-of-a-kind, a "suited" straight, etc. The zombie suits are Bandersnatch, Zombie Soldier, Snow Zombie, and Stone Zombie. Once you Bet your hand, you will receive marks based on how good your hand is. Get ten marks and turn them in for a Puzzlemaster Gift Box.

Week 4 - "Zombies of the Shadow Realm"

During the final week of the Puzzlemaster's Rematch, Padan will offer three special Shadow Missions where all the regular Fomors are replaced by Zombies. Upon completing the Shadow Mission, adventurers will receive the normal treasure at the end of the Shadow Mission as well as a Puzzlemaster Gift Box.

Check out some of the items that come from the Puzzlemaster's Gift Box:

Battle Mandolin
Lion Claw Lance
Knight Lance
Dragon Fang Sword
Highlander Long Bow
"Restoring" Enchant Scroll
"Theif" Enchant Scroll
Cheap-Finest Leather Straps
Cheap-Finest Leather

...and, of course, potions!

The Puzzlemaster Rematch will run from August 1st to August 31st.