Pick up your syllabus! We’re going back to school.

EVENT 8/31/2011 2:10:33 PM
It’s time to go back to school, Mabinogians, and we’ve got a whole course schedule for the  month of September! We’ll be grading you each week and the “school” with the highest grades will win a great weekend reward. Are you ready to see the classes available this year?

Monday – Archaeology 201 – Field Archaeology

For Monday’s Archeology class you will head out to the prairies of Rano and the sands of Connous for the Iria Treasure Hunt event. Grab a pair of L-Rods and start treasure hunting. Once you hear four consecutive beeps, use your L-Rod Exploration Action to reveal the area around you. Pop open the treasure chest (but beware of monsters guarding it!) and reap your reward. Schools will be graded based on the number of treasure chests dug up on Monday.

Tuesday – Physics 151L – Physics

Tuesday is Physics! Visit the Tara town square for the Tara Festival and take part in the games that test your ability to manipulate gravity and force. Play darts or show your might in the hammer game, either way, get your game on, because schools will be graded on the number of games completed!

Wednesday – Astronomy 301 – Interstellar Travel

Look to the sky, as Wednesday is when you’ll be studying Astronomy! Visit any general store vendor and purchase a see-saw. That’s right, the same see-saw used in the 2nd Mabinogi Anniversary Event. Get together with a friend and take turns jumping on the see-saw. If you can vault each other over 15m you will catapult you and your fellow astronaut to the moon! Once there, check out the mini cows and moon bunnies! We will be ranking schools based on the number of people who manage to make it to the moon, so be sure to help your friends.

Thursday – Kinesiology 111 – Endurance Theory

Make sure you are well-rested for Thursday, because that’s the day we’ll be testing your endurance! Head to the Muyu desert to find a lone Provisional Camp – it is here that your resolve will be tested. When Palala sets, prepare yourself, because the undead onslaught is about to come! Defend the camp from the rushing zombies as well as you can, and keep them from reaching the center flag. If they manage to destroy the flag, your efforts will be for naught! Grades for Kinesiology 102 will be based on the number of times a school can successfully defend the Provisional Camp, so represent your school in this grueling competition!

Friday – Psychology 301 – Dream Theory

Dream Theory, what a fascinating psychological subject! Luckily, we have a willing subject in Mabinogi willing to participate and allow us to actually look into her dreams: the Barker Imp! The Barker Imp is located in Dugald Ailse near Tracy’s Logging Camp. Give this little Imp a green gem and she’ll whisk you away to her magical dream land! Once in the dream land (as an Imp, no less!), defeat Gremlins for Power Mushrooms and Potions. The Power Mushroom will make you grow to gigantic heights, which will allow you to defeat the Ogre Warrior. Dream theory will take place on Fridays.

How should we psychoanalyze the Barker Imp?

Friday – School Spirit Day

We’ll be having a rally at several locations for each school! For these Hot Time events, look for an event post announcing when and where the secret location of the rally will be. A GM will visit a random channel and choose a lucky winner for a prize. Be there or be square!

Saturday – School Spirit Rewards

When the grades are calculated and tallied, we will be giving the best-scoring school a very special prize for showing their dedication to grades: DOUBLE RAINBOW! For six hours on Saturday evening the best-scoring school will win the Double Rainbow event on Saturday from 3:00 PM (PDT) to 9:00 PM. All other schools will be rewarded with 2x EXP Events.

Saturday & Sunday – History 221 – Ancient Civilizations

On Saturday and Sunday, you will have the option of studying Ancient Civilizations. Dive into a Shadow Mission or Dungeon and defeat monsters – they will sometimes drop an Ancient Treasure Chest fragment. Gather up 10 ancient fragments and bring them to “Professor” Eavan in Dunbarton.  She will reward with you with two items: a Gift Box and an Ancient Treasure Chest. The Gift Box is easily opened, but you will need a special key from the “Student Store” in order to open the Ancient Treasure Chest.

Abridged syllabus: we will be running back-to-school events all month long. These events will typically last ONE day for the week.

Mondays will be Iria Treasure Hunt
Tuesdays will be Tara Festival
Wednesdays will be Jump to the Moon Event
Thursdays will be Zombie Invasion Event
Fridays will be Imp’s Magical Dream Event
Saturdays and Sundays will be Ancient Treasure Chest Event

Based on each server’s performance on the events on Monday through Thursday, we will award the highest-participating server (“school”) with a Double Rainbow event on Saturday afternoon. The other three servers will receive 2x EXP Events. The back to school events will run from September 3rd to October 2nd.

Are you ready to ace those classes and represent YOUR school?