Water Cannon
Ka-boom! Who knew a spray of water could be so dangerous? Yet with the right amount of pressure and the amazing skill of Alchemy, you can shoot your enemies with a deadly cannon blast of water! Mastering the Water Cannon skill is a must for anyone who calls themselves an Alchemist.


I. Learning the Water Cannon Skill
II. Using the Water Cannon Skill
III. Rank Up
IV. In Conclusion

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I. Learning the Water Cannon Skill

This one’s a cinch. To learn the Water Cannon skill, all you have to do is buy a [Water Crystal] from Eabha or obtain one some other way. Once the [Water Crystal] is in your inventory, you’ll automatically learn the skill!

II. Using the Water Cannon Skill

To use the Water Cannon skill, you must first equip a [Cylinder] and get yourself some [Water Crystals]. Once that’s done, simply activate the skill to attack opponents!

Like with the Flame Burst skill, you can insert up to five Water Crystals at a time, which can all be shot simultaneously to cause a great burst of damage to your opponent.

However, you must remember that the Water Cannon skill uses water, and hence follows the physics of water.

That means, at close range, the water knocks down opponents and causes great damage. However, from a distance, air resistance slows the water, so opponents receive less damage and aren’t knocked down.

III. Rank Up

FWater Damage 17-343
Water Damage 18-363
DWater Damage 22-38
CWater Damage 25-425
BWater Damage 30-45 5
Water Damage 36-515
Water Damage 41-597
Water Damage 47-687
Water Damage 54-767
Water Damage 63-817
Water Damage 81-9110
Water Damage 90-10015
Water Damage 100-11020
Water Damage 108-12325
Water Damage 119-13630

IV. In Conclusion

Water Cannon is a skill that musters devastating power out of innocent-looking [Water Crystals]. Since this skill is so easy to obtain, why not grab it and then try using it in conjunction with some other Alchemy skills. Couldn’t hurt, right? Well, couldn’t hurt you, at least!