Wind Blast
Sure, you’ve probably seen skills that are a little more powerful, but you must ask yourself this: do they blow you away? The Wind Blast skill may not be mighty, but it blows people away—literally.

Here, we will learn about how to acquire and use the Wind Blast Skill.


I. What is Wind Blast?
II. Learning the Wind Blast Skill
III. Using the Wind Blast Skill
IV. Rank Up
V. In Conclusion

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I. What is Wind Blast?

Wind Blast is a skill that delivers a quick burst of wind. It is not too powerful and does not deal heavy damage, but it is very helpful in escaping dangerous situations.  

II. Learning the Wind Blast Skill

You can acquire the Wind Blast Skill by talking to NPC Eabha at the Alchemist House in Taillteann using the [Skills] keyword.

III. Using the Wind Blast Skill

In order to use Wind Blast, you must possess a [Cylinder] and a [Wind Crystal]. Proceed to use the skill once you equip the [Cylinder] and have the [Wind Crystal] ready.

The purpose of Wind Blast is not to directly attack an enemy, but to avert the enemy’s attacks. As a result, damage inflicted by this skill is relatively marginal. However, this skill can knock an opponent farther back than a common melee attack.

The wind attribute allows this skill to be more effective on an enemy that is positioned closer to you. Just remember that the power of the wind is artificially generated when using this skill, so excessive use of Wind Blast may temporarily restrict you from using the Cylinder.

When the above message is displayed, it is highly recommended that you use skills other than Wind Blast to proceed with battle. (A good option would be to precede this fast skill with another Alchemy skill such as the Water Cannon.)
IV. Rank Up

Your skill damage will increase as your Wind Blast Skill rank goes up. The following chart shows the damage dealt at each respective Skill rank.

PracticeWind Damage 1~3-
Wind Damage 1~163
Wind Damage 1~183
Wind Damage 1~20
Wind Damage 2~235
Wind Damage 2~26
Wind Damage 3~285
Wind Damage 3~317
Wind Damage 4~34
Wind Damage 5~377
Wind Damage 6~407

V. In Conclusion

We’ve covered all the basics regarding the Wind Blast Skill. You should now be able to acquire and apply the skill effectively.

Anyone can learn the Wind Blast skill. Use this skill strategically and effectively, and you will buy yourself enough time to use more powerful Alchemy skills in battle.

Master this useful skill if you are serious about increasing your knowledge of Alchemy!