Life Drain
Your HP is low. You’re all out of potions. The battle is about to your defeat. Instead of fleeing with your proverbial tail between your legs, you can turn the tide of battle with a single well-placed skill.

Life Drain. Use it, and not only do you absorb your opponent’s HP, but you also slow your opponent in the process, and then knock them back once you’re done, giving you the confidence, HP, and time to plan your next move.

This guide will show you the ins and outs of this amazing skill.


I. What is Life Drain?
II. Learning the Life Drain Skill
III. Using the Life Drain Skill
        1. Purchasing a Cylinder
        2. Making Life Drain Crystals
        3. Using Life Drain
IV. Rank Up
V. In Conclusion

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I. What is Life Drain?

Life Drain is an Alchemy skill that lets you attack your enemy and heal yourself at the same time! As explained above, you drain your opponent’s HP while stunning them. Then, when you’re done draining, your opponent is knocked back.

II. Learning the Life Drain Skill

Learn the Life Drain skill by attempting the [Shadow Expeditionary Force] quest from the latter half of the G9 storyline.

III. Using the Life Drain Skill

To use the Life Drain skill, you must meet a few prerequisites. You must have a [Cylinder] equipped, you must have [Life Drain Crystals] handy, and you must have low HP.

     1. Purchasing a Cylinder

You can purchase a [Cylinder] from Eabha in front of the Alchemist House. Equip the newly purchased [Cylinder] from your Inventory (Hotkey: I).

     2. Making Life Drain Crystals

To make a [Life Drain Crystal], you need 1 [Fire Crystal], 1 [Water Crystal], 1 [Wind Crystal], 1 [Clay Crystal], and 1 [Mystic Pearl].

The Fire, Water, Wind, and Clay Crystals can easily be purchased from Eabha, but the Mystic Pearl is a bit harder to obtain. You have a small chance to get a Mystic Pearl while fishing in the Abb Neagh Lake.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, create the [Life Drain Crystal] by clicking on a [Steam Oven] in front the Alchemist House. Oh, and you must know the Mana Crystallization skill to create a [Life Drain Crystal]!

The chance of successfully creating a [Life Drain Crystal] depends on your Life Drain skill rank!

* Life Drain Crystals and Arat Crystals.
During Shadow Missions, you can find Arat Crystals off of monsters or in the treasure chests that appear when you complete a mission.

Synthesizing these Arat Crystals can yield items of high value. By successfully synthesizing 1 [Arat Crystal], 1 [Holy Water of Lymilark], and 1 [Life Drain Crystal], you may be able to obtain 10 [Life Drain Crystals]!

     3. Using Life Drain

Once you’ve equipped a [Cylinder] and have some [Life Drain Crystals], you are ready to use the Life Drain skill.

However, since Life Drain absorbs the HP of your opponent, you can’t use it if your HP is full.

Note that you can’t use Life Drain on enemies that are too far away. You must prepare the skill from an adequate distance.

Since Life Drain only affect one enemy at a time, it is useful when confronting small groups of enemies.

When Life Drain has finished, your opponent will be knocked down, giving you time to prepare your next attack.

* Human Characters cannot use the Life Drain skill while using the Dark Knight skill.

IV. Rank Up

As your Life Drain skill rank increases, you’ll be able to absorb enemy HP faster and do more damage to enemies when they’re knocked down. When you reach a certain rank, the preparation time for the skill decreases, too.
[The AP required to rank up the skill and the stat bonuses each rank grants.]
RankStat BonusAP
HP +23
HP +25
HP +26
HP +28
HP +210
HP +212
HP +313
HP +315
HP +318
HP +324

V. In Conclusion

Now that you’re armed with all this useful information, try using the Life Drain skill in combat! Absorb your opponent’s HP to turn the tide of battle in your favor!