Dragon - Main Storyline - Prologue
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s Dragon Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

0. Prologue – Cromm Cruaich

The story of Iria began with the discovery of the Irai Ruins and the release of the Seals. You were tasked with finding the Heart of Courcle. While searching for clues, you helped Atrata regain her memory, at Taunes’s request. And now in Dragon, the mystery of the dragon and the burning land will be revealed.

1) Cromm Cruaich

When you connect to Mabinogi, you will see a video of Cromm Cruaich.

After the days of the great flood, there was one Conduction Ceremony.
The one who was chosen as the Gold Dragon’s Conductor was Quasar, who was from a noble family.

Quasar’s darkness swallowed up the Gold Dragon
and the dragon brought upon an era of eternal darkness with the name, ‘Moonlight of Death.’

However, the seemingly endless days of darkness
finally ended witht he appearance of Irinid.

And with that, the era of the dragons was over.

After a few thousand years passed
fate has planned for yet another Conduction Ceremony.

I, Cromm Cruaich, am guiding the dragon’s contractor to Iria
in preparation for the conduction Ceremony.

...His name is Ruairi...

He was sitting at the final valley of despair,
the most miserable Human of them all.

2) Krug Expeditionary Team

If you remain in Erinn after watching the video of the dragon, Krug, king of the Giants, will send you a quest, asking you to see him. It seems word has spread that the Seals of the Ruins under the Irai Waterfall have been released.

King Krug, you asked for me?

On behalf of the Giant race I want to welcome you to Physis.

It has been confirmed that the spirit of the ancient Giants has been discovered at the Irai Ruins.
With this new discovery, the ownership of the ruins should rightfully belong to the Giants.  

Hmm…a spirit of the ancient Giants amongst the Irai Ruins? It’s true a memory of the ancient Giants was sealed there, but there’s a similar story regarding the ancient Elves.

Of course, I expect there to be some confrontation with the Elves during this process. If there is confrontation, we will have no choice but to respond to it. I am thinking of forming an expedition for this very purpose.

If Taunes, the greatest warrior of Vales, leads the way
the Elves won’t stand a chance…I heard that you and Taunes are quite close. Would you go to Taunes and convince him to take on this mission?

It seems Krug is even willing to risk war with the Elves to gain access to the Irai Ruins. But will Taunes, who treasures the Elf Atratra, agree?

Taunes, King Krug desires that you lead a war against the Elves, should the need arise.

Is he planning to start another meaningless war? I will not partake in this. Either way, my eyesight is getting worse by the day so there’s not much I can do…

As expected, Taunes has refused. I feel a bit uneasy, but I guess I should let Krug know Taunes’s answer.

He’s going to reject the King’s command!? How could he…? I guess what Kirine said about Taunes was right all along. This time I can’t forgive him. He will pay thoroughly for this!

The [Krug Expeditionary Team] quest can be completed when you finish your conversation with Krug.

With the Ruins as a grand background, Cromm Cruaich spoke of the Gold Dragon’s Conduction Ceremony and of Ruairi, who has since disappeared. And now, a war between the Giants and the Elves looms, as both seek to control the Irai Waterfall Ruins.

In the next episode, we will find clues regarding these ominous prophecies for Iria.

* The [Krug Expeditionary Team] quest is limited to Humans and Giants.  Elves and Humans who have supported Elves will skip this quest and go straight to the next quest.