Dragon - Main Storyline - Part 1
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s G8 Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

1. Lost Memories

I wonder where the Dragon’s Conduction Ceremony that Cromm Cruaich mentioned takes place.
There is also news that the Seal of Zardine has been released in a far northern area of Iria.

1) Effie’s Request

While staying in Erinn, you receive a request from Effie to find her brother.


Effie runs a general store in the Qilla Base Camp located on the Iria Continent. If you’ve previously spoken to her, you already know she’s searching for her brother.    

Effie, is your brother in Zardine?

I heard from an exploration team that went to Zardine that they saw someone who fit the description of my brother. Kelpie… that’s my brother’s name. Please don’t forget.

Could you also go to Zardine
and find my brother?
…Please help me.

Zardine is a volcanic region that’s become accessible since the release of the Irinid barrier. Find the entrance next to the Mana Tunnel by crossing the Reus River in Physis and traveling north.

If you arrive in Zardine by passing through the barrier, you’ll see an active volcanic area.  First let’s go to the Calida Exploration Camp in a dormant volcanic area to get to Kelpie. Here you’ll find Kelpie, who seems very similar to Effie.  

Oh, so you’re Kelpie. Do you know Effie? She asked me to find you.

Effie? A person named Effie sent you for me? I don’t remember anything. I don’t know why but most of my memory has disappeared.

Kelpie, for some reason, has lost his memory and cannot remember Effie. If that’s so, is it possible that he’s not Effie’s brother?  But the two of them seem so similar. I should return to the Qilla Base Exploration Camp to tell Effie what happened.

Effie, I met a person named Kelpie in Zardine. But he says he lost his memory.

Kelpie… The name fits perfectly. That alone gives me hope. Thank you.

… But why can’t he remember anything… Is it possible… for you to sketch that person named Kelpie? If I see the sketch, I think I’ll have a better idea…That’s why I ask.

Let’s head back to Zardine.

If you use the Sketch skill on Kelpie after preparing some sketch paper, you will acquire a piece of paper with his sketch on it.

Effie, here. This is the sketch. Is this your brother?

Ahh… that’s my brother Kelpie.
…But why can’t he remember anything?
What could’ve happened to Kelpie?
Have you heard of the ‘Mirror of Memory’ by any chance?
I heard that the Mirror of Memory
can help restore lost memories…
I know you’ve already done so much for us…
but could I ask you for one more favor?
Could you get me the Mirror of Memory?
I could ask for nothing more
if the Mirror of Memory can help Kelpie remember his own sister.
Please, you have to help me.

We will need the Mirror of Memory again to restore Kelpie’s memory.
It was recovered before to find Atrata’s memory, but it’s probably broken again…
You can complete the [Effie’s Brother] quest once you finish your conversation with Effie.

2) Mirror of Memory

If you remain in Erinn after completing the quest, you will receive a message from Atrata.

Atrata is an Elf with black hair (a rarity for Elves) who is in a romantic relationship with Taunes, a Giant. While it is characteristic of Elves to forget their past, I helped her regain her memory as per Taunes’s request. Go to the town of Filia in the Connous area to meet Atrata.

Have you regained your memory now?
I’m sorry but I need the Mirror of Memory to help someone else.

They were memories that I wouldn’t change for anything.

But among the regained memories were those too painful to recollect.

Each time I regained my lost memories, I was stricken with fearful premonitions.
How wonderful it would be if Taunes was by my side now.

I’ve prepared a letter for Taunes.
Could I ask you to deliver it for me?
I will give you an item that will help you visit the Snowfields of the Giants.

In the meanwhile, I will get the Mirror of Memory ready for you.

I will deliver the memory.
Painful memories…
What did you remember?

Black-haired Elf...
An omen of doom...

The beginning of the great flood and the Moonlight of Death,
the curse of Irinid...

Each time disaster strikes our race
the Black-Haired Elf appears without fail.

The bud of destruction must be ripped right away before it can grow any bigger!

The Giant army of Gepard is already passing through Longa Desert.

It must disappear before a bigger disaster hits us!

We need to burn it and get rid of it!

Sheep with fur yet to be sheared and baby lambs...
It's not time yet.

I guess I'll realize that I need that child...

The memory that Atrata regained was from her youth, before the battle with the Giants. She was almost killed, because black-haired Elves are a sign of disaster. It was Castanea who saved her, for some unknown reason.

It must have been difficult for Atrata to remember her fear of death once again. I will deliver her note to Taunes, if it’s just to help her a little bit.