Dragon - Main Storyline - Part 2
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s G8 Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

2. Restoring the Mirror

The Mirror of Memory awakened within Atrata memories of a near death experience.
A black-haired Elf, a sign of disaster… Could all of this be related to the danger that Iria now faces?

1) The Mirror Witch’s Unicorn

Once you’ve completed your conversation with Atrata, you will find Atrata’s note in your Inventory.

In order to help Atrata, who’s still trembling in fear, I will deliver her note to Taunes.
Of course, I’m also doing it so she’ll give me the Mirror of Memory.

Taunes, Atrata asked me to deliver this letter to you.

Oh, Atrata…
It breaks my heart that
I can’t be by her side.
But as I am under house arrest for disobeying King Krug’s command,
It would be nearly impossible for me to avoid the guards and escape out of Vales.

True…it would be impossible now.

…The only possible solution is if I somehow come across the Par Mirror Witch’s Unicorn.
I’m talking about the unicorn that is said to look like snow, glowing in pure white.
It’s a legendary unicorn that is known to run faster than the speed of sound.
I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you help me?

I will lend you some Unicorn Powder,
which you’ll need to get inside the Par Dungeon,
as well as a few tools you’ll need to tame the unicorn.
Please tame the unicorn for Atrata and me.

The Mirror Witch’s Unicorn is needed in order to help Taunes escape.
After verifying that you have received the [Taming Cane], [Unicorn Powder], and [Taming Bait], head over to the Par Ruins.

The Par Ruins is located in eastern Vales.
Use the [Unicorn Powder] to enter the Par Ruins.

When you arrive at the final boss room, you will see the pure white Mirror Witch’s Unicorn.
Attempt to tame the Unicorn after tiring it out by depleting its HP.

Once you’ve successfully tamed the Mirror Witch’s Unicorn, the quest is almost complete.

Let’s go find Taunes again.

Taunes, I’ve successfully tamed the Mirror Witch’s Unicorn.
However, I couldn’t bring it all the way here.
I left it waiting in Silva Forest, where there aren’t as many people.

I can’t believe you successfully tamed the Mirror Witch’s Unicorn…Amazing.
Silva Forest… That’s where you kept the Unicorn?
Thank you. I owe you big time.

Since I’ve delivered the note to Taunes and told him the location of the tamed Unicorn, I will return to Atrata.


It’s great to even hear how Taunes is doing through you,
I have prepared the Mirror of Memory but…

Unfortunately, the mirror has been damaged and is in poor condition.
I think it’s going to have to be restored.

Once you’re done talking with Atrata, you can complete the [Mirror of Memory] quest, and you’ll then receive the [Broken Mirror of Memory] quest.  Because the mirror is broken, you can’t take it to Kelpie just yet.

2) Restoring the Mirror

If you remain in Erinn, you will receive the [Friend of Voight] quest.

Since it seems that Voight has received the message, let’s take the [Broken Mirror of Memory] to Voight in Cor Village to have it restored.

Voight, I’ve asked you to restore this mirror before.
Do you think it can be restored again?

Mmm… I remember this mirror.
It’s that strange mirror that helps you recollect lost memories.
It’s unfortunate it got damaged again, but since it was already once restored
it won’t be as easy to fix this time around.

It’s beyond my skills.
But there is one person who might be able to help you.

Someone better than Voight?
Who is he?

His name is ‘Arenen’. He’s a friend who
taught me everything there is to know about relic restoration.
You can even say that he’s like my teacher.
He might not look it
but his skills are a level above mine.

But I suggest that you don’t tell him that I sent you.
He’s been upset with me lately for some reason
so mentioning my name
might not be such a good thing.

I received information about Arenen, a friend of Voight.
Since the mirror can’t be restored in its current state, let’s go find Arenen.
You can meet Arenen at Zardine’s Calida Exploration Camp which is located at the very end of the Iria Continent.

…Mr. Arenen..
Would it be possible for you to restore an artifact?
I would like to restore this mirror.

I haven’t done any fossil restoration in some time…
Where did you even hear that I do this?
This item is quite intriguing which draws my curiosity…
but it’s going to cost you some money.
Wait, on second thought, actual goods might be better than money.
I hear that the price of Sulfur Ore has been up lately…
I’ll attempt to restore this item
if you bring me 10 Sulfur Ores.

10 [Sulfur Ores] are needed before Arenen will agree to restore the mirror.
A [Pickaxe] is needed to collect [Sulfur Ores].

When you arrive in the [Sulfur Ore] mining region, you will face Sulfur Poisoning. Sulfur Poisoning will deplete your HP unless you are wearing a Lava Cat Robe. In addition, be cautious and remember to look around before collecting the [Sulfur Ore] as there may be Sulfur Golems that look just like a mound of Sulfur.

Once you have collected 10 [Sulfur Ores], return to Calida Exploration Camp and deliver them to Arenen.
Arenen, I’ve brought 10 [Sulfur Ores].
Please restore the mirror.

One, two…nine, ten…
Alright. Now that I’ve received 10 Sulfur Ores
I’ll try to restore this relic.

Once your conversation with Arenen is finished, you will receive the [Mirror of Memory].
Now if I use this mirror to restore Kelpie’s memory, he’ll regain the memory of his sister Effie, right?

* The Mirror Witch’s Unicorn cannot be tamed while its HP is high. Attempt to tame it after you have lowered its HP through attacks.

* The [Broken Mirror of Memory] you received from Atrata cannot be restored by selecting Artifact Restoration. You must speak with Voight after receiving the [Friend of Voight] quest.