Dragon - Main Storyline - Part 3
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s G8 Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

3. The Curse of Irinid

The restored Mirror of Memory will restore Kelpie’s memory just like it did for Atrata. Now that you have received the Mirror of Memory from Arenen, go to Kelpie who is nearby.

1) Kelpie’s Memory

Kelpie, will you look at this mirror?
It will restore your memory.

What’s this?
…Mirror of Memory?

Oh… I’m able to slowly recall some of my lost memories!
…Effie, so she’s my sister.
I can’t wait to see her again.

Has your memory of Effie returned?
That is fortunate.

Oh, and Phaselus… he was one of my closest friends.
I still have some of his belongings.
When I first arrived in Zardine and couldn’t remember a thing,
I didn’t have anything with me that could help me figure out who I was.
But for some reason, I still had Phaselus’ letter with me.

…Phaselus’ letter… Do you think it could be a clue to some important secret?
There is a short clip of my lost memory
that can be seen through the Mirror of Memory.
Would you like to see it?

Once the conversation with Kelpie is over, you will be able to see a portion of his lost memory.

Effie, did you hear the rumor?
They say a new continent has been discovered across the Moye Ocean!

Don't worry, sis.
I just want to discover my dreams.


I'm lost... I don't remember anything...
Do you think you can take me to the Elven village?

So the rumar about elves with big ears living in Iria
wasn't just some kind of myth.
Don't worry. Kelpie will help you.

Ah... My home Filia.
It's starting to come back to me slowly.

Phaselus. That's my name.
Thanks, Kelpie. You saved my life
and you're my precious friend...

Ahhhh... Please...
Help... Kelpie...

Help... Kelpie...


Kelpie was a trip to Iria when he lost his memory.
And it seems that he took Phaselus, who was lost, to Filia. But then there was a sudden scream from a Desert Ghost.  What could have happened?

You can find [Phaselus’ Letter], which Kelpie gave you, in the Inventory window.

2) The Curse of Irinid

The Longa Desert Ruins is a dungeon that can be found near Filia, in the Connous Desert.
If you enter the Longa Desert by using [Phaselus’ Letter], you will become Kelpie and experience his memories.

The first think you see once you enter is a confrontation between the Desert Ghosts and an Elf who appears to be Phaselus. You should hurry to where he is.

Since Kelpie does not possess a strong warrior’s physique, he may be at a disadvantage battling against a multitude of Desert Ghosts. You should be careful not to become incapacitated during the battle. You can predict the enemy’s moves if you watch their actions carefully.
After winning the battles, you witness something in the boss room.

You already know too much.

This is going to be painful for a little bit so hang in there.

Just hang in there. I’ll help you.

…Ahh, Where am I…?
I don’t remember anything…
Phaselus, it’s me, Kelpie!
Why can’t you remember me?
What happened here?

Castanea, isn’t Phaselus an Elf just like you?
How could you do something so cruel to your own kind?!

There is an old legend that goes like this.
Once there was a village with a strange disease going around that would affect people to suddenly lose their memory.
Soon, the disease spread throughout the entire town
and the town residents would even forget the name of common everyday items.

While this was happening, there was this young man who had yet to contract the disease.
He went around putting labels on every time, trying to minimize the damage done by the disease.
He would write labels such as ‘This is a tree.’, ‘This is a sheep. Please shear the sheep.’
‘This is a chicken. It can lay eggs.’ and so on. 

The young man placed a very large sign at the town entrance.
On it he wrote, ‘God exists.’
There is a moral to this short story.
What we call memory is so incomplete
and that everything we’ve accumulated over our entire lives
can burst like a bubble in an instant…
Starting from a simple cooking recipe or how to make a potion,
to the memories you shared with close friends and your loved ones;
they will one day all disappear.

But if we do forget all these things,
it might not even be such a big deal.
Kelpie, you too must understand.
This has been brought upon by none other than Phaselus himself.

Soon, Phaselus takes the form of a Desert Ghost.

…So, Kelpie, I see that you’ve ended up witnessing everything as well.
You’re right. The hideous Desert Ghost…
That is the true nature of Elves.

Irinid didn’t just leave their blessing on Iria.
They left us Elves, an unforgettable curse.
The Desert Transmogrification is an incurable disease that has resulted from the curse.

Every Elf in Filia has no choice but to one day turn into
one of those disgraceful Desert Ghosts just like Phaselus.

I love our Elf race more than anything.
I believe I can sacrifice anything
for it.

I don't want them to discover the dark truth
and be in despair because of it.

I’m sorry Kelpie.
I didn’t want it to come to this.
However, this is the only way to protect you.

What are you doing to me!

I will now…
erase your memory…

And with that last image of Castaneas, Kelpie’s memory ends.

In this episode, we found out that the Desert Ghosts that roam the Longa Desert are actually Elves.
The curse of Irinid has given such hardship to the Elves.
Castanea must have suffered greatly as well.

Now I need to tell Kelpie that Phaselus has become a Desert Ghost…

I wonder how Kelpie will react…