Dragon - Main Storyline - Part 4
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s G8 Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

4. Sign of the Conduction Ceremony

In the last episode, we experienced Kelpie’s lost memory and discovered that Desert Ghosts are actually Elves. We also discovered that Kelpie’s friend Phaselus had become a Desert Ghost.  In addition, we also found out that Castanea was the one who erased Kelpie’s memories.

1) Kelpie’s Memory

Once you’ve experienced all of Kelpie’s past in the Longa Desert Ruin, return to Kelpie and tell him about the things that happened.

Ahh… I can’t believe Phaselus has turned into a despicable Desert Ghost…
I despise Castanea more than anything!

But if she’s the one who erased my memory
then she must also know
how to restore everything back.

Kelpie has requested to have Castanea return all of his memory.
Go to Filia in Connous to meet with Castanea.

Castanea, I know the truth about the Desert Ghosts and that you erased Kelpie’s memory.
Please return things to their original state.

… You already knew everything.
I won’t deny any of it…
But that doesn’t mean my convictions have changed.

Then at least return Kelpie’s memory.
He is not even an Elf.

…How to restore Kelpie’s memory…
There’s no way to tell as of now.
The only thing I can tell you…is that the Memory Tower used to manipulate the memory
was made in the image of the relic left by Irinid.

Perhaps the answer lies in Zardine,
where all of this started.

Castanea says that she does not know how to return Kelpie’s memory.
If that is the case, it might be faster to investigate the ancient Irinid who made all of this…
I will head to Zardine, the burning land that had been sealed until now.

2) The Gold Dragon’s Conduction Ceremony

The person that knows the most about the Zardine area is probably Belita.
Return to Calida Exploration Camp to seek Belita’s help.

What do you want? You must’ve come because you need something from me…

Belita, I would like to get some information about Zardine,
especially about its ancient past.

Well, if you want to learn more about Zardine
then, you must first learn about the Gold Dragon.
Although, you should keep in mind that legends are legends after all.
We may never know just how much truth there is to such stories.

Legend of the Gold Dragon?

In any case, it is said that the Gold Dragon is born and destroyed every few thousand years.
Some people interpret the legend in symbolic terms, rather than as a
physical phenomenon that actually occurs.

But anyway, during its birth, the dragon apparently goes through a process
known as the ‘Conduction Ceremony’…
You might call it a moment in which the Dragon becomes one with an existential being of Erinn.

The character of the chosen being, knows as the Conductor, supposedly determines whether
the Gold Dragon is to turn evil or grow into a dragon that fights for the good of Erinn.

The birth of a new Gold Dragon and a Conduction Ceremony is scheduled to come to pass.
As the day approaches, the activity of the two rival forces, the Blue Dragon and Red Dragon, have been unusual…

So you’re saying that the Gold Dragon’s Conductor will have a great effect.
In that case, do you have any information about the Dragon’s Conduction Ceremony?

We can’t predict exactly when the scheduled Conduction Ceremony will occur
but there have already been strange signs that have been confirmed.
Would you like to help me with a few missions?
First, there seems to be a huge disparity of temperature inside the Flints as we approach the Conduction Ceremony.

Could you get me 10 Flints

so that I may analyze them?

[Flints] can be acquired from the burning rocks near the Raspa Volcano.
Collecting [Flints] is usually impossible because the area’s covered in flames, but the flames temporarily die down during rainy days.

At that time, you can acquire [Flints] by using a [Pickaxe].

Another method is to purchase them from Kelpie, who runs the Calida Camp General Store.

Once you have acquired 10 [Flints], return to Belita and start a conversation with her.

I’ve brought the 10 [Flints].
Is there anything about the Conduction Ceremony that you can find out?

Hmm… Judging by the crystal inside the Flints, they seem to be different from their usual state.
But this isn’t enough evidence.
I heard that the animals near the volcanic region have become extremely unsettled recently.
Could you help me study these animals?

If you could tame some wild animals
that might just be what we need.

Belita wants me to investigate the wild animals in Zardine.

In order to tame wild animals, you must know the Taming skill and have a [Taming Cane] and [Bait].
These taming tools can be purchased from Tupai in Courcle’s Cor Village.

The first target is the Anteater, found easily around the Calida Exploration Camp area.
The lower the HP of your target, the higher the probability that you’ll successfully tame it.

Did you successfully tame the Anteater?  If so, the next target is the Volcano Horned Wild Boar.

The Volcano Horned Wild Boar can be found near the Pera Volcano in northern Zardine.

As they are very strong, your Taming Skill must be at a certain level in order to tame them.
Of course, the probability of success is higher if you attempt to tame them after whittling down a bit of their HP.

Once you’ve successfully tamed the Volcano Horned Wild Boar, return to Belita.

I tamed the Anteater and Volcano Horned Wild Boar as you requested.
Have you been able find out anything about the Conduction Ceremony?

It has been confirmed that the entire ecosystem of Zardine has been affected by the Conduction Ceremony.

We’re currently drawing up plans to investigate certain regions we think
may be the location in which the Conduction Ceremony might occur.

Unfortunately, those Wyverns have become so aggressive as of late
that it’s become difficult to even launch a Hot-Air Balloon from anywhere in Zardine.
You’re the expert when it comes to such things aren’t you? Could you lend me a hand?

Now we must defeat the Wyverns so that Belita can use the Hot Air Balloon to investigate.

Wyverns are strong monsters that can be found in the skies of Zardine.
You must fly up to the sky in the Hot Air Balloon to fight them as they cannot be defeated from land.
Hot Air Balloons can be purchased from Kelpie at Calida Exploration Camp.

Since battles against Wyverns take place in the sky, close-range attacks cannot be used.
Long-range attack with bows or magic must be used. If you are riding a Large Hot Air Balloon, attacks can be made using the Ballista as well.  You will need [Ballista Arrows] to use the Ballista.
There are three types of Wyverns and they all attack using magic.

Since it’s difficult to simultaneously control a Hot Air Balloon and fight Wyverns, you should board your Hot Air Balloon in a party, so that each person can take a different role. Using Magic Shield to block the Wyvern’s magic is a good idea.

You acquire stars for defeating the Wyverns. One large star is equivalent to five little stars.
You will need 30 small stars in order to help Belita.  

You can complete the [Curse of the Ancient Irinid] quest by acquiring 6 large stars.

All these signs that have suddenly appeared indicate the impending birth of the Gold Dragon. Who will become the Gold Dragon’s Conductor? And what does it have to do with the ominous prophecies regarding Iria…

In the next episode, we will continue our investigation of the Gold Dragon.