Dragon - Main Storyline - Part 5
This post is based on “Dragon,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s G8 Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.

5. Crumena the Red Dragon

According to Belita, the things that are happening now in Zardine are signs that there will be a Gold Dragon Conduction Ceremony soon. Since the ceremony is probably related to the ominous prophecies regarding the Iria Continent, it’s time to track down where the ceremony will take place.

1) Red Dragon

Once you’ve completed the quest to defeat the Wyverns, you will receive a message from Belita telling you that she has finished her investigation.

So the location has been narrowed down… Let’s hurry to meet Belita.

Was my defeating the Wyverns helpful?

Good job. Since you were able to keep the Wyverns away,
the Hot-Air Balloon exploration went smoothly
I was able to narrow down the potential sites of
where the Conduction Ceremony might occur to a few locations.

But I think instead of exploring them all on my own,

it would be more effective
if you and I split the locations.
Here, I have an extra Hot-Air Balloon, so use this.
Belita gave me a Hot Air Balloon and requested that I help investigate potential locations of the ceremony. Board the Hot Air Balloon and move to the Raspa Volcano and use the [Hot-Air Balloon received from Belita] in the Inventory window.

* You will see a video clip once you use the [Hot-Air Balloon received from Belita].

Get out of here! You worthless beings!

When you’ve been surrounded by Wyverns near the Raspa Volcano, a Red Dragon appears and makes all of the Wyverns disappear.

I’m glad I didn’t arrive too late.
Everyone was able to stay safe
because of the divine protection of Adniel.

I forgot to introduce myself.
I am the leader of the Red Dragon. Crumena.

Thank you for helping me.
I’ve never seen a Red Dragon before…
Are there other dragons as well?

I’m sure you’ve already experienced it,
but there are evil dragons in Zardine
that threaten the safety of the world.

They have bought into their own twisted logic
and they are endangering not only Zardine and Iria,
but all of Erinn as well.

I’ve never seen Wyverns as agitated as they are these days.
Unlike their appearance, they are actually quite sensitive creatures.
They must be sensing some kind of omen taking place.
What kind of omen?
Are you saying that there are evil dragons?

It is counter-evidence that the
resurrection of the Gold Dragon, Adniel, is drawing near.
By fate, Adniel will connect with a being of this world
that will become its Conductor through a special ceremony.

The group of evil dragons

are devising an evil plan
just in time for Adniel’s Conduction Ceremony.
Just like its symbolic name, Gold Dragon,
Adniel will have significant influence
in the future of this world.

As of now, I might be able to help you,
but soon our roles will reverse and I might be the one in danger.
If and when that time comes, please remember me and lend me your help.

May the divine protection of Adniel always be with you…

Crumena asked me to help him someday in the future, and then disappeared into the sky.
Belita mentioned that the Blue Dragons and the Red Dragons were in a conflict. Then the Blue Dragons must be the evil dragons. 

Surely the Red Dragon who helped me couldn’t be evil.

2)  Irinid’s Arrow

I should return to Belita and tell her what happened at the Raspa Volcano.
Does she know about Crumena?

Hmm... You should consider yourself lucky to have met Crumena.
I was also once helped greatly by Crumena.
But you should know that Zardine is an extremely dangerous place...

You can't exactly expect Crumena to show up and help you every time.

Since I’m up against dragons,
is there anything that can help me?

Perhaps if you take some ‘Irinid Bolts' with you, you'll be safe.
During the ancient Irinid war, the dragons were sacrificed by Irinid’s magic.
The remains of the ancient magic have been
preserved till this day in fossils that can be seen as the remains of the dragons.

That is the secret that is contained in the ‘Irinid Bolt’.
You'll need to gather some materials
to make yourself an 'Irinid Bolt', though.

I will follow Benita’s advice and make [Irinid’s Bolt].
The first item I will need is the [Delicately Restored Fossil].
Fossils can be found in the Zardine area or acquired by defeating monsters.

Once you’ve delicately restored a fossil, deliver it to Belita. If the fossil has not been delicately restored, it cannot be used and must be restored again.

Do you think this can be used to craft [Irinid’s bolt]?

It has really been delicately restored. I'm impressed.
This should be good enough to extract the Irinid's Crystal.

Now, you need to get the Ruby.
In order to contain the powerful marrow of Irinid, we need something strong that will act as a bowl.
Ruby is the perfect gem for that.

While you get the Ruby, I'll extract Irinid's Crystal from this fossil.

The [Ruby] that Belita has requested is a jewel that can be acquired through Metallurgy.
Metallurgy is a skill that enables you to acquire minerals or jewels from a Metallurgy site by using a [Sieve].

Rubies can be acquired with low probability during the day on rainy days at beach Metallurgy sites.
Rubies can be acquired at the Qilla Beach Metallurgy Site, the Rano Beach Metallurgy Site, the Connous Beach Metallurgy Site, and the Cor Beach Metallurgy Site.

When the Ruby is ready, deliver it to Belita.

Irinid's Crystal has already been prepared.
The only thing left is forming it into a bolt so that it can be used as a weapon.

The secret is to combine the Ballista Bolt--the crystal I just handed to you-- and a Sulfur Ore together. When you complete it, bring it to me.

Once you’ve completed the conversion, verify that you have [Irinid’s Crystal] in your Inventory window.


You can acquire [Irinid’s Bolt] by using the [Ballista Bolt], [Irinid’s Crystal], and 7 [Sulfur] in the Handicraft Production window.

* [Ballista Bolt] can be purchased from NPC Kelpie.

Now let’s tell Belita that the [Irinid’s Bolt] for the Ballista is ready.

I was just informed that Crumena is in danger.
I’m assuming it has something to do with him helping you.

You don’t have much time.

I’ll give you a specially modified Hot-Air Balloon so that you can use the Ballista Bolt on it.
Good thing the bolt was completed in time.
You must hurry!

3) Crumena’s Plot

You can move to where Crumena is by using the [Irinid’s Bolt attached Hot Air Balloon Kit] you received from Belita.

* Once you use the [Irinid’s Bolt attached Hot Air Balloon Kit], you will see a video clip of the conversation and battle between the Red Dragon and the Blue Dragon.


Crumena is engaged in battle with a Blue Dragon. You fire [Irinid’s Bolt] on the Blue Dragon in order to help Crumena. This causes the Blue Dragon to fall into the lava.

Now that the Blue Dragon has been defeated, the ominous prophecies regarding Iria will no longer come true.

Everything seems to be going exactly as planned.

Haha! Cromm Cruaich,
Are you still breathing from the depths of the lava pit?
Please forgive those foolish little creatures.

That poor creature has not the slightest clue
what just occurred.
What do you mean “as planned”?
Crumena….were you using me this entire time?

And did you just mention Cromm Cruaich?
Wait, then was it…Ruairi?

Your level of foolishness hasn’t changed much
from the days of Irinid.

Back then, you might’ve been the last ones standing
thanks to Irinid,
but there appears to be not even an ounce of hope left for you this time!

Crumena flies away leaving only his scornful words.

Then Crumena was the evil dragon…and the dragon that we shot into lava with the arrow was Cromm Cruaich? And Ruairi?

It seems that a great mistake has been made.

My intent was to help…but it seems I’ve put the Iria Continent into greater danger.

What can be done now?

The meeting with Crumena and the battle with Cromm Cruaich are all played in video.
* For information on restoring fossils, please see the Strategy Guide post [Restoring the Fossil].
* For information regarding Metallurgy, please see the Strategy Guide post [Using Metallurgy to find Minerals and Jewels].