Alchemist - Main Storyline - Prologue
This post is based on “Alchemist,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s Alchemist Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.


I. Adniel’s Calling
II. Fallon’s Summons
III. Meeting General Andras
IV. The Saga Continues…

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When you enter Erinn after reaching Lv. 10, you’ll receive a message from Adniel, the Gold Dragon.

I. Adniel’s Calling

“The wings of a dead bird shall begin to flutter / And the light, consumed by darkness…”

At the end of G8 storyline, Adniel had warned that the danger in Iria still remained. Could it be that yet another calamity is imminent after a brief period of serenity?

II. Fallon’s Summons

You can receive Fallon’s Summons quest once you enter Erinn after receiving Adniel’s message. In order to participate in this quest, you must first reach Lv. 15.

Once you have fulfilled the level requirement, head over to Taillteann to talk with the townspeople.

You can reach Taillteann, located northwest of Dunbarton, by passing through Sliab Cuilin, which can be reached either by following the west end of Dugald Aisle or through Abb Neagh near Rabbie Dungeon. You might be surprised to come across Elves and Giants, who were previously found only in Iria, in Taillteann.
Based on conversations with townspeople, you discover that Taillteann is renowned for alchemy and also serves as the gateway to Tara.
Furthermore, you learn that Fallon, who had sent the summons, is a hero who fought against the Fomors with Lugh Lavada, the Knight of Light, during the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. He is in the middle of completing a mission in the Shadow Realm.

III. Meeting General Andras

Most affairs related to the Expeditionary Force must go through General Andras. After talking to the townspeople, you begin your journey to meet General Andras.

Once you meet Andras, she claims that an Expeditionary Force comprised of Elves, Giants, and Humans is stationed in Taillteann. She also encourages you to uncover more information about Fallon and give you the [Hero of Mag Tuireadh] Shadow Mission and the [Mag Tuireadh Medal], which will grant you access.

You must click the middle altar of Stonehenge, located northwest of Taillteann, in order to enter the Shadow Realm.

Fallon is said to be the hero of the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, who formed a detached force in order to prevent the counterattack of the Fomors.

Here, you begin to experience a flashback (or moment of truth) as Fallon in the Shadow Realm.

During the second war of Mag Tuireadh, Fallon led his detached force to the Taillteann stronghold final resistance line, even before support units arrived, in order to prevent the Fomors who were preparing to attack Tara.

But just minutes before victory, Fallon finds himself flanked by an elaborate snare, resulting in capture by enemies hiding in stealth.

At this crucial moment, Lugh Lavada, the Knight of Light, comes to the rescue with his support unit. Fallon is saved from the enemy and the memory concludes with victory.

Upon returning to the real world from experiencing the Shadow Realm, you’ll be able to complete the [Fallon’s Summons] quest.

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III. The Saga Continues…

Thus, the journey begins with Adniel’s calling and the Shadow Realm, which you were able to experience using [Fallon’s Summons].

But will future chaos be brought on by the Shadow Realm?

The answer, perhaps, lies ahead, as you receive the [Andras’s Test] quest.

Andras claims that she has confirmed a piece of information which will reveal the mysteries of the Shadow Realm. Now, you must head over to Andras and see what information you can gather.


*If you cannot enter the Shadow Realm because you did not receive the [Hero of Mag Tuireadh] Shadow Mission, talk to Andras without the Shadow Mission in your possession.

*You can participate in G9 storyline quests even if you haven’t gone through the G1-G8 storyline quests if your level is above 10.

*If you wish to participate in both G1-G3 and G9 storyline quests simultaneously, talk to the Strange Cat at the Chief’s House in Tir Chonaill.