Alchemist - Main Storyline - Part 2
This post is based on “Alchemist,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s Alchemist Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.


I. Sending Aid to the Shadow Realm
   1. Delivering Supplies to the Shadow Realm
   2. Fallon’s Request
   3. Back into Battle
II. The Saga Continues…

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I. Sending Aid to the Shadow Realm

   1. Delivering Supplies to the Shadow Realm

The [Delivering Supplies to the Shadow Realm] quest will be available upon your return to Taillteann after using the Alchemist’s Seal to discover information in the Shadow Realm.

When you relay the events in the Shadow Realm to Andras, she expresses concern about the relationship between the Shadow Realm and Glas Ghaibhleann. In particular, she addresses the issue regarding Fallon, who still suffers from the psychological aftermath of the injuries he received while fighting Glas Ghaibhleann in the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh.

Andras asks that you deliver supplies to Fallon and the Royal Guard, who are in the Shadow Realm trying to accomplish their mission in spite of difficult circumstances.

Andras gives you the [Supply Delivery] mission and Andras’s Supplies, which are to be delivered to Fallon.

As with previous Shadow missions, you can enter the Shadow Realm with a party of 1-3 members through Stonehenge, located in northwest Taillteann.

When you move to the Shadow Realm, enter from the outside (rather than inside) of Taillteann.

On your way to Taillteann, you come across a mysterious gem. When you hit this gem, a monster appears that you must defeat. (The gem will disappear shortly thereafter.)  

Once you defeat the summoned monster, you move to Taillteann. Here, you witness from afar a town under attack by Glas Ghaibhleann.

Sensing danger, you attempt to escape, but Glas Ghaibhleann detects your presence and turns around.

As you stand there petrified, watching Glas Ghaibhleann slowly make his way toward you, Fallon and the Royal Guard suddenly appears. Surprised by the Ice Mine they have installed, Glas Ghaibhleann runs away.

After Glas Ghaibhleann is defeated, Fallon concedes that they are hard-pressed against the better-numbered Fomors who are invading the Shadow Realm.

He continues by saying that in the midst of these difficulties, the Alchemists have recently unearthed clues regarding the expansion of the Shadow Realm. This is a threat not only to Soul Stream, but also to all of Erinn. He needs assistance from worthy adventurers in order to prevent it.

Following this plea from Fallon, you can return to Erinn to complete the [Delivering Supplies to Shadow Realm] quest.

   2. Fallon’s Request

Not long after your return to Erinn, you receive the [Fallon’s Request] quest.

You have an opportunity to meet Dorren, who is an Alchemist residing in Taillteann. She is located at the Alchemist House on a hill in the northern part of Taillteann.

She says that she has received a request from Fallon regarding Ice Mines.

Dorren says that she had received a request through Fallon’s messenger regarding the need for additional Ice Mines to be used in the Shadow Realm. However, an increased request for Ice Mines from Command has caused a shortage of Ice Spear Crystals used to make Ice Mines.

You are asked to bring her 7 Ice Spear Crystals; you also learn the Mana Forming skill to create Ice Spear Crystals.  

In order to make Ice Spear Crystals, you or one of your party members must possess and be prepared to use the Ice Spear Skill.

After delivering 7 Ice Spear Crystals to Dorren (through creation or purchase), she requests some time to create the Ice Mines and that Eabha, a novice Alchemist, will be contacting you once they are prepared.

This will complete the [Fallon’s Request] quest.

   3. Back into Battle

After some time has passed, you receive the [Back into Battle] quest, along with a message that the Ice Mines are ready.


Eabha, whom Dorren introduced to you as a novice Alchemist, resides with Dorren in Taillteann and can be found at that Alchemist House.

Eabha hands you the [Requested Ice Mine] and cautions you to be careful as it is a very dangerous item.
When you visit Andras with the completed Ice Mines, she inspects them carefully to make sure they are of good quality and asks that you deliver them to Fallon’s military base. He gives you the [Ice Mine Delivery] mission required to enter Shadow Realm.

The first thing you see when you enter Shadow Realm through Stonehenge are fallen soldiers of the Royal Guard.

In the midst of this horrific scene, you hear a faint moan coming from someone. It turns out to be Jenna, who is suffering from injury.

When she awakens, you tell her that you are here to deliver the Ice Mines. She responds with news that Fallon’s army has been annihilated.

As the Fomors make their attack again, Jenna warns you to assume battle position and suggests that you install the Ice Mines.

After installing the Ice Mines, you battle the Fomors in defense of Jenna. Once the dust settles, however, you find that Jenna has disappeared.

When you return from the Shadow Realm to report to Andras, she is reluctant to accept that Fallon’s army, which makes up the core of the expeditionary force, has collapsed. Since the Elf and Giant expeditionary forces have yet to adjust to their surroundings, she reasons that this will cause a setback in the Shadow Realm expedition plans.

Once you’ve completed your conversation with Andras, who still hopes in Fallon’s survival, you’ll be able to complete the [Back into Battle] quest.

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II. The Saga Continues…

The Royal Guard, the main army of the expeditionary force, was completely annihilated—Jenna being the sole survivor.

Why did Jenna, injured in the battle, disappear? And why was Fallon’s Royal Guard with Jenna?

As the issue surrounding Jenna’s identity becomes more of a mystery, Andras suggests launching an investigation into the last survivor of Fallon’s Army.

After receiving the [Castle Knights] quest, you should visit her to obtain some more information.


*Confirm that you have sufficient inventory space before receiving the [Delivering Supplies to the Shadow Realm] quest, since you are not allowed to trade or discard Andras’s Supplies.

*Instead of making Ice Spear Crystals, it is possible to purchase them for the [Fallon’s Request] quest. They can be purchased from the Fine Crystals tab in Dorren’s Shop.

*Please refer to the strategy guide [Using the Mana Forming Skill] for more information on the Mana Forming skill.