Alchemist - Main Storyline - Part 3
This post is based on “Alchemist,” the main storyline behind Mabinogi’s Alchemist Storyline Quests. If you do not wish to find out what happens next, feel free to return to the previous page and view other strategy guides.


I. Temple Knights
   1. Temple Knights
   2. The Temple Knights Secret
   3. Jenna’s Memory
II. The Saga Continues…

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I. Temple Knights

   1. Temple Knights

After a short period has passed, you’ll receive the [Temple Knights] quest.

When you meet Andras, she says that based on the physical description, Jenna, the female warrior who is the sole survivor from Fallon’s Army, appears to be the same person suspected in Leymore the Alchemist’s disappearance.

She discloses that Jenna is known to be a member of the Temple Knights, which is an organization sworn to secrecy. Since it’s probable that the Temple Knights could somehow be linked to the occurrences in the Shadow Realm, Andras asks you to investigate the Temple Knights organization.

After the conversation, you receive the [Temple Knights] keyword. Use this keyword to speak with other people in Taillteann.

The majority of people in town do not have a clue about the Temple Knights.

However, you come across Pierrick, the owner of the General Shop in the town center, and she tells you a startling tale.

Pierrick shares a story about the time he lived in Emain Macha, when she became close friends with Lucas from Bean Rua, with whom she still keeps in touch. Apparently, Lucas is making a profit from the Temple Knights.

Once you’ve completed your conversation with Pierrick, head to Bean Rua in Emain Macha. It is a large city located in southeastern Tailltean, which can be reached by passing through Tara or the Abb Neagh Residential Area. The Moon Gate, if it is open, can also be used to reach it more easily.

Bean Rua is a Pub located in Emain Macha that is open only when Eweca is active. To enter, you must pay 1000 gold to the doorman to purchase an entry pass.

Once you’ve entered Bean Rua, speak to Lucas using the [Temple Knights] keyword. Lucas is willing to offer information about the Temple Knights, but only in exchange for your services. He requests that the Kobold Bandits be disposed of, since they’ve been harassing him because of a minor conflict in the past.

The Kobold Bandits can be found easily in the Reighinalt area, north of Bangor.

After defeating 10 Kobold Bandits, return to Lucas. He admits that his contact with the Temple Knights has been rather brief thus far, and that he is only turning small profits through some minor assignments on their behalf. Furthermore, he says the Temple Knights are a very secretive organization whose internal workings are intricate. However, he heard from an insider that the Temple Knights are somehow linked to the Pontiff’s Court.

In addition, he recalls that he recently used an item, the [Temple Knight Medal], to enter Rundal Dungeon, where the Temple Knights Lair is located. He offers you the [Temple Knight Medal] to aid you in your investigation regarding the Temple Knights.

Once you receive the [Temple Knight Medal] from Lucas, you should go to the Rundal Dungeon and investigate the lair.

   2. The Temple Knights' Secret

Runal Dungeon is an underground dungeon shaped like a canal located east of Emain Macha.

When you reach the Rundal Dungeon altar, use the [Temple Knight Medal] to enter the lair. Once inside, you’ll have to battle the Temple Knights who are protecting the lair.

Once you reach the lair, you discover that Jenna is being held captive in the middle of the room surrounded by Temple Knights.

As you approach the place, hiding between the beams, you are noticed by one of the Temple Knights. A battle ensues with the Temple Knights in the room.

In order to rescue Jenna, you must defeat all of the Temple Knights.

After your victory, Jenna thanks you for saving her once again. She admits the truth about formerly being involved with the Temple Knights and following their orders to get rid of Leymore. But she stresses that it’s in the past, and she hopes that you will let go of any suspicion or judgment.

She gives you the [Broken Arrow] mission and the [Arrowhead Necklace], a memorial item, saying that it contains all of the truth about her.  

What truth is it that Jenna is referring to? Will the memorial items shed light about her suspicious actions?

   3. Jenna’s Memory

In order to view the memory contained in the [Arrowhead Necklace], you must visit Stonehenge located in Taillteann.

When you enter the [Arrowhead Necklace]’s memory, you see the interiors of a large tree.

Jenna is seen conversing with a man, asking him about his life as a priest. Surprisingly, it is Collen, Taillteann’s Priest, who is standing before her.

Collen replies that he is more at ease now than when he was with the Temple Knights, and asks Jenna if she has a particular issue weighing on her heart.

Jenna’s expression slowly turns somber. She begins to confess about her past, when she had once fought for the Temple Knights cause. She admits that she was even prepared to die for the cause, too young and naïve to understand the real motivations and reason behind her actions. However, she can no longer believe in the cause of the Temple Knights and is planning on leaving.

Collen acknowledges the difficulty of this decision, saying that it will not be an easy road and that this may very well be her last mission as a Temple Knight. After Jenna and Collen end their conversation, you see an image that appears to be Jenna’s distant memory.

They are nostalgic images of a younger Jenna with a companion her age. The boy attempting alchemy with the girl seems strangely familiar.

After seeing the memory contained in the memorial item, report to Andras in Taillteann regarding your investigation into the Temple Knights as well as the contents of Jenna’s memory.

After listening to your report, Andras says that she does not think Jenna’s memory, as seen through the memorial item, proves her innocence. More importantly, her loyalty to King Ethur Mac Cuill II is dubious at best.

Furthermore, Andras announces that an investigation regarding Jenna will be conducted, separate from the investigation of the Temple Knights. She reassures you that she’ll update you when there is progress.

As the conversation concludes, you’ll be able to complete the [Temple Knights] quest.

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II. The Saga Continues…

Jenna’s memory gives a glimpse as to the reasoning behind her decision to leave the Temple Knights. But memories of her childhood seem to bring about more questions than answers…

And, another question seems to remain: the Temple Knights, the Pontiff’s Court, and the missing Alchemist—how are they all related?

Not long after, you receive a message from Andras regarding your progress in the Temple Knights investigation; you also receive the [Secret Mission] quest.

Visit Andras to gather more information.

*If you are unsuccessful in your investigation of the Temple Knights Lair, speak with Lucas to receive the [Temple Knight] medal again.
*If you are unsuccessful in the Broken Arrow mission, speak with Collen to receive the Shadow mission again in order to enter the Shadow Realm’s memory.