Winter Poem Contest Winners

ANNOUNCE 1/23/2014 5:18:36 PM
The Winter Poem Contest has officially ended and we received a ton of amazing entries! Thank you to everyone who submitted their wonderful work, and congratulations to these ten lucky winners!

~ Sabina

Camouflaged in white, hunting in the snow.
One hand holds my arrow, the other holds my bow.
Got an arrow nocked, Ill pull it back slow.
Just as my victim sees me, I've already let it go.

Hands like vein filled fleshy bowls
congregating flakes, transmute balls of snow
designated targets and ebullient glows
A snow fight! A snow fight! A jubilant show!

While snow falls in Physis
And the Giants freeze,
I chill at the oasis
Enjoying the breeze.

Through the power of the Song skill
From my voice melodies spill
Allowing me to carol winter cheer
To anyone in Erinn who will hear

Sitting by the cozy fire
With hands frigid and cold
I pluck the strings of my lyre
Dressed fancy, warm, and bold

Sitting in Physis with my holiday bear,
We both shiver in the freezing air.
I set up a fire, all cozy and bright
As I look into the deep frosty night.

As the dragons hibernate and the air turns cold,
We settle by the fire and lay down our swords.
Although our journey's just started, our noses are red
We'll dance, spar, and drink to our own accords!

You had Never seen the Snow in Vales, as it Billowed and Blew, Blanketing the Ground
And your Smile, as you had caught the Falling Flakes, was simply the Brightest around
Your Hand in mine was so Strong and Warm, and then... you had Dragged me Down
My Favorite part about the Winter Time? Our Laughs being the only Sound

One must wonder, what a snowflake must see
It can drift from Sidhe Sneachta, to the ends of Lunae Valley
I often times stand on this mountain, and Look as far as I can.
To venture there and explore, a snowflake is what I will be

The beautiful symphony of music and singing entwine,
We gather vociferous melodies during these harsh winter times,
My Elven ears shudder upon a blanket of winter snow,
I suffer no strife, for my loyal friends help me glow.