King of the Lake

ANNOUNCE 8/25/2014 10:00:00 AM
Have you met Nishida? He's a kindly old man from Sword Art Online who loves sushi, and can be found hanging out by the fishing spot on Lake Neagh. He'll do just about anything to get his hands on the delicious fresh fish people keep catching, so see if you can help him out.

Ultimate Anime Summer!

Become a Mabinogi beach bum! If you're lucky, you could reel in a Swimsuit Box, which contains a variety of summery beachwear.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 27 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (2 weeks)

Event Details:
  • Meet Nishida at Abb Neagh to get some special bait feeders. Your first box is free!
  • Use the special bait feeders to pick up all kinds of goodies, including his delicious sushi! He'll offer you a selection of cool prizes based on the size of your catch.