Sword Art Online Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 8/20/2014 10:00:00 AM
Want to take your Sword Art Online experience to the next level? An all new gachapon is here to do just that, offering unique enchants, an assortment of ALfheim Online wings and gear, the formidable Counseling Program Yui, and the signature weaponry of your favorite Sword Art Online characters.

Sale Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 20 - Tuesday Sept. 9 (3 weeks)

SAO Gachapon
SAO Gachapon
SAO Gachapon 1 SAO Gachapon 11
    Price: 1,200 NX
    Price: 12,000 NX

Sale Details:
The Sword Art Online Gachapon has lots of cool stuff, including but not limited to...
  • Counseling Program Yui (permanent)
  • Salamander Wings
  • Spriggan Wings
  • Slyph Wings
  • Cat Sith Wings
  • Ultimate Anime Summer!

    The fully equipped Counseling Program Yui is a big step up from the free giveaway version! This AI companion offers a special attack action, summoning a deadly red-hot blade for a devastating swing. Additionally, Yui themed commerce quest and daily dialogue will become available. She grants the Magic Shield effect in dungeons and Shadow Missions and will completely light up your minimap, as well as guide you to the appropriate orbs when clearing rooms. And of course, she's a permanent friend for life!

    If you're aiming to earn lots of Zone Tickets, Counseling Program Yui will be your best friend.

  • ALO Asuna Wig, Outfit, or Shoes
  • Heathcliff's Liberator Sword or Shield
  • Asuna's Lambent Light
  • Kirito's Dark Repulser or Elucidator
  • Andras, Elatha, Lorna, Pan, Morrigan, or Cichol Puppets
  • and much, much more!