Rain Coat Coupon Collection Event

ANNOUNCE 4/16/2019 11:01:20 AM

April showers bring May flowers! Splash in the rain and receive special gifts every day of the week! Collect coupons throughout the event to obtain the all new Panda Rain Coat outfit set!

Log in each day for a cumulative 36 minutes to receive a Panda Rain Coat Coupon, and another item reward depending on what day of the week it is! You must be total cumulative level 30 to participate.

Combine a total of 15 Panda Rain Coat Coupons together to receive the Panda Rain Coat Selection Box! *You will no longer receive coupons after obtaining the selection box.

Open up the selection box to receive a Panda Rain Coat Shopping Bag of the gender of your choice.

Panda Rain Coat Shopping Bag (F)

Panda Rain Coat Shopping Bag (M)

Daily Item Rewards: You will receive the below item when logging in each day for 36 cumulative minutes.

Weekday Item Reward
Sunday Potent Finest Shadow Crystal
Monday Guardian Soul Stone (3)
Tuesday Pon (2)
Wednesday Special High Speed Gathering Potion
Thursday Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box
Friday Full Recovery Potion (3)
Saturday Dye Ampoule

*Disclaimer: The Panda Umbrella is not a reward given in this event.