KEMONO FRIENDS X Mabinogi - Patch Notes - April 16th

ANNOUNCE 3/30/2020 11:34:45 PM

Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes featuring the KEMONO FRIENDS Crossover!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Playful Puzzles Event: Thursday, January 23rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 7th, Before Maintenance
  • Easter Egg Hunt Festival: Thursday, April 2nd, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 23rd, Before Maintenance
  • 12th Anniversary Mega Package: Thursday, April 2nd, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 23rd, Before Maintenance
  • Is This Your Legendary Weapon?: Weekends between Saturday, April 11th and Sunday, May 10th
  • KEMONO FRIENDS X Mabinogi Sales: Thursday, April 16th, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 14th, Before Maintenance
  • KEMONO FRIENDS X Mabinogi Events: Thursday, April 16th, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 14th, Before Maintenance

  • New Updates:

    • The adorable Friends from Japari Park have appeared in Erinn! Help out Serval, Caracal, and others from the cast find their way home! Check the microsite for more details!
      • Meet the Lucky Beast Mk. 1 Conductor-Type in Dunbarton near the Bell Tower to get started and register a character for the events!
      • Help the Friends deal with trouble-making Slime Celliens throughout Erinn! They'll need your help with these Starter Quests in Iria Desert, Dunbarton Library, Sen Mag Plains, and Belvast!
      • After assisting the Friends with their Starter Quests, each of them will have new daily quests for you starting on the following day!
      • Completing their Starter Quests and daily quests provides you with EXP and Japari Coins.
        • Completing any of the Friends' daily quests 16 times will provide you with a special title from each of them. Collect all 4 titles!
      • The day after completing any one of the four starting quests for the Friends, you can return to the Lucky Beast by the Bell Tower in Dunbarton on the following day to pick up the Defense Mission Daily Quest.
        • You'll play as the character Kyururu to stave off wave-after-wave of Slime Cellien monsters!
        • Receive EXP and Japari Coins for completing at least one of the 15 waves of enemies.
        • You'll earn a special title for completing the quest to finish all 15 waves!
      • You can use the Japari Coins from different missions at Caravan Friend Joe's Shop! You can obtain special cosmetics or try your luck by opening Caravan Friend Joe's Lucky Box!
      • Participate in a fun little mini-game where you move across a game board earning rewards along the way! Reach the end to receive a few extra Japari Coins each day!

    The following bug fixes and changes have been made to the game:

    • Changed the color value description of Sparkle to Flashy.
    • Corrected the quantity mentioned in the item descriptions for Generous, Magnanimous, and Charitable Reward Gift Box from 3 to 1.
    • Revised Fishing Savant title to "the Fishing Savant".
    • Revised Blue Beauty title to "the Blue Beauty".
    • Solid White Necklace has been renamed to Solid White Collar. Attribute name for Defense Rate on this item has been changed to Defense.
    • Kaour and Logan Balloons can now be listed on the Auction House.

    The following are known bugs:

    • The Japari Bus and Japari Tractor do not have any idle sound effects when summoned.
    • Some appearance scrolls within your inventory cannot be used.
    • The Death Herald Scythe Appearance Scroll makes a character appear to float.
    • The thread effects for the Puppetry skills do not appear properly.
    • Game closes when changing the Report User setting to "Nearby".