Jewel Pet Box

ANNOUNCE 1/7/2020 1:44:58 AM

Is your life just clawful? Purrhaps, you get the feline that you need a new furend to really make your life purrfect. Then, the Catsidhe pet is for you! This adorable pet is available meow! Check out the details below!

Sale Dates:Thursday, January 16th, After Maintenance - Thursday, February 13th, Before Maintenance

Jewel Pet Box Jewel Pet Box (3) Jewel Pet Box (10)
    Price: 4,900 NX
    Price: 14,700 NX
    Price: 45,000 NX

Bonus System

  • Buy and open up a certain amount of Jewel Pet Boxes to get paw-some rewards, like the new Abyss Catsidhe Whistle!
  • Bonus Points are only given during the duration of the sale.
  • Each Jewel Pet Box opened will reward 1 Bonus Point.
  • Items received from the Jewel Pet Box will be stored in the Point Inventory.
  • The Bonus Point window can also be viewed through the Point Inventory.

Catsidhe Details

  • Every Catsidhe Pet comes with 3 Nyan-Nyan Gem Boxes
  • Catsidhe pets provide Milletians with beneficial effects. Upon summoning a Catsidhe for the first time, you can select 1 Life Talent that will have a Training EXP x2.0 Bonus effect applied to it whenever your Catsidhe is summoned.
  • Once you pick a Life Talent for your Catsidhe to support, you cannot change it.
  • Catsidhe pets have a special skill called "Piercing Howl". When used, it will temporarily leave a mark on enemies that grants additional EXP when the enemies are defeated.
  • When Catsidhe pets are summoned, they use a hidden skill called "Gummy Attack". Gummy Attack stuns enemies for 5 seconds and damages them for 400-560.
  • Gummy Attack will also leave 8 mini paw effects which you can run through to recover 10% HP (does not recover wounds).
  • Catsidhe's range attack is called "Circle of Magic". When used, it will grant a debuff effect on the enemy.
    • The debuff effect lowers Defense, Protection, and Movement Speed.

Jewel Pet Box Contents

Each Jewel Pet Box comes with one randomly selected pet from the gachapon list. This sale is also a part of the Shy's Night Sky Shop! Buy bigger bundles to obtain more stars to exchange with Shy! Full details here.

Rate Item
5.06% Luminous Catsidhe Whistle
6.33% Scooter Imp Whistle
6.33% Smiling Lil Jack Whistle
6.33% Astral Rudolf Whistle
7.59% Alto Whistle
7.59% Astral Abyss Dragon Whistle
10.13% Astral Frost Dragon Whistle
10.13% Astral Lightning Dragon Whistle
10.13% Astral Scooter Whistle
10.13% Astral Pegasus Whistle
10.13% Astral Nimbus Whistle
10.13% Astral Cheetah Whistle

Disclaimer: Percentages are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Pet Buffs Event

Event Dates: Thursday, January 16th, After Maintenance - Thursday, February 13th, Before Maintenance


  • To celebrate the purrfect Catsidhe pet, there will be special buffs during the sale duration to bring your Catsidhe pet up to speed!
  • Enjoy the following buffs:
    • Pet Combat 2x EXP
    • 2x Pet Point
  • During the weekends, there will be an additional buff!
    • 2x Pet Perk Training