Generation 2 Season 2 Update List

ANNOUNCE 6/5/2008 3:04:08 AM

Hello Mabinogians,

Following is the list of updates of G2S2 patch:

I. Pet System has been added.
- Following pets are now available in the Premium Shop:
     1. Yellow Jindo
Orange Pixie
Dark Russian Blue
Brown Fox
Gray Wolf
- After purchasing Animal Character Cards, you may create your pets in the game
     with those cards. Pet creation process is same as creating your human characters.
- You may summon your pets with summon command or you may choose to play as
     the pet itself when you login.

II. Following books have been added:
   - Pet guide book titled 'Your Pet'
   - Collection book titled 'Weapon Collection Vol. 1'
   - Collection book titled 'Fashion Item - Hat'
   - Collection book titled 'Special Item Collection - Signs'
   - You will receive rewards for collecting all of items listed in each book.

III. You may skip G1 mainstream quests by talking to 'Weird Cat' NPC in the house behind Duncan.

IV. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Thank you for playing Mabinogi and enjoy the G2S2 update.

- Mabinogi Staff -