Return to Doki Doki Island!

ANNOUNCE 3/13/2019 1:55:32 PM

It's time to celebrate the 11th Anniversary with the return of Doki Doki Island! There's new rewards, featuring the Candy Pop sets for each race and gender, and a new, romantic way to fly around Doki Doki's gorgeous beaches. Check out the full details below!

Event Dates: Thursday, March 14, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 11, Before Maintenance

Table of Contents

The Newcomer’s Guide to Doki Doki Island

Feel your toes sink into the warm sand as you step foot on Doki Doki Island. This secluded paradise boasts beautiful scenery and beach parties that rage all day, all night... all the time.

The Guide Quest

A Guide Quest is given to all players so long as this special seasonal event is active. Your travel agent is none other than Caravan Joe, located in Dunbarton. Speak to him about arranging a journey to Doki Doki Island.

Doki Doki Celebration Box?

This special item is awarded for completing various events and mini-games around the island, or by redeeming Cat's Paw to Mansur the Jeweler. Open one up to find Candy Pop Outfits, Heart Wings, gesture coupons, couple’s themed totems, and more!

When you disembark, you'll find a Matchmaker waiting to welcome you to Doki Doki.

As part of the Guide Quest, she can register your Matchmaking profile. Doki Doki is an experience best suited to couples, so find yourself a Soulmate and get your heart beating! Already have a partner in mind? Just right-click and “Select Soulmate” on anyone on the island.

Finish your Guide Quest and earn your very first Doki Doki Celebration Box by talking to Wenger the Caretaker – he knows how to get you home.

The Soulmate System

Matchmakers all over Doki Doki Island are ready and willing to set you up with the Milletian of your dreams! Existing couples can skip the formalities, but singles are advised to set up a profile. If you're not one for online dating, there’s nothing stopping you from meeting that special someone on your lonesome! You can proposition any unclaimed player regardless of race or gender.

You can break up with your Soulmate at any time, just remember that if you do, you’ll lose all the Romantic Points you’ve built up with that player and will have to start all over again.

Romantic Points

They say love can’t be measured… except on Doki Doki Island! By enjoying all of what Doki Doki has to offer, you’ll accrue Romantic Points.


Romantic Points

Score 50pts or more in a Doki Doki Dance Party 40 Romantic Points
Stand by Your Soulmate (within 20m) 10 Romantic Points every 5 minutes
Successfully compelte the Depths of the Heart Test 100 Romantic Points! (1% of overall likeability)

The more points you accrue, the more you’ll fall in love with your partner, as indicated by the likeability meter. 100 Romantic Points = 1%

Earn enough points and you’ll earn the greatest gift of all…


Oh, and the power of Flight.

Couples Flight – Fly with the Power of Love!

If you want love to lift you up off your feet, you’ll need to reach 20% likeability with your partner, though your new abilities will be confined to the island. You’ll be pretty in love… but you know – not really in love.

If you want to see the entirety of mainland Erinn from amongst the clouds, you and your Soulmate will need to achieve 100% likeability.

  • Flight - the ability to fly anywhere on Doki Doki Island.
  • Couples Flight - the ability to fly anywhere in Erinn where flying is permitted.
  • Sweethearts Flight - Fly around Erinn with your partner, embracing them as you do so. Obtained with Cat's Paw from Mansur.
  • *NEW* Moonlight Couples Flight - Fly around Erinn with your partner, embracing them as you do so. Obtained with Cat's Paw from Mansur.

Once you’ve activated any of the above actions, you’ll have the ability to Fly, Fly Together and Sweethearts Flight with your partner.

Getting to Know the Island

Doki Doki is a beautiful place, and simple to navigate once you’ve memorized all the major landmarks.

The Harmony Torch

An ancient, mystical torch in the center of Doki Doki’s Town Square is the hub of the island's activity. Celebrate the Harmony Torch by lighting a fire of your own! Building a campfire and resting nearby will award EXP every 5 seconds.

Starting to feel a little intoxicated? Spend too much time resting at the Torch and you’ll get a tingling Lovey Dovey feeling…

Lovey Dovey Buff

  • All Stats + 20
  • Max HP + 100
  • Max MP + 100
  • Max Stamina + 100
  • Max Damage + 30
  • Critical + 5
  • Defense + 5
  • Protection + 5
  • Magic Defense + 5
  • Combat EXP +50%
This special buff will last for 30 minutes, beginning the moment you stop resting.

The Depths of the Heart Test

Psychology Students can be found throughout Doki Doki, studying the effects of love and romance on volunteer test subjects. Show one how well you know your Soulmate by taking the Depths of the Heart Test.

You’ll be asked a random question, and if you and your match answer simultaneously and prove you’re in-sync, you’ll win a Doki Doki Celebration Box and advance 1% on your likeability meter.

This special test is only available once per day.

Fun & Games

There’s no end to the amount of fun you can find on Doki Doki Island. Take a little time off from your daily routine to play mini games and win a variety of Romantic Rewards…

The Doki Doki Dance Party is an opportunity to strut your stuff for all the Town Square to see. Match the steps in order and on-time to execute strong, effective dance moves. If you and your Soulmate score 50 points or above you'll both earn 40 Romantic Points!

To start dancing, you’ll need a Boom Box. Speak to Wenger the Caretaker to learn more.

What makes a party more interesting than a scavenger hunt for a Suspicious Box? Find the Suspicious Box on Doki Doki Island for a chance to receive something special, like Kiwis! The locals report seeing this box appear every 5-6 minutes (real time). Investigate these boxes, but remember you can only receive the treasure inside 18 times per real life day! Green Kiwis that pop-out of the box will drop Cat's Paws.

Additionally, a secluded concert section on the south side of Doki Doki Island hosts a special Stage, as well as a few familiar celebrities…

Grab your bandmates and rent out this awesome amphitheater for anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. You won't take home any points or boxes, but Starlet will be the first to tell you: the joy of performing is its own reward.

Helping Out & Kicking Back

Games are all well and good, but this island doesn’t sustain itself. If you’re planning on spending any amount of time here, ask Wenger about how you can give back to the community and lend a helping hand.

Daily Quests: Fishing, Cooking, and Metallurgy

Doki Doki's old caretaker sure has his hands full catering for all the guests. How about helping out a little in return for some Cat's Paws?

Prefer to get your hands dirty? If you've got a Metallurgy Sieve, you could find all sorts of treasures buried in the sands, including Cat's Paw.

Daily Quests: Natural Dyes

Want to make your own dyes with organic ingredients? Register a main character at the Natural Dye Helper near the Festival Market in Doki Doki. She will let you play a fun mini-game allowing you to add blue berries, cherries, and herbs to create your own dye! Dyes are based in RGB form for the mini-game.
Once the dye is made you can click on the Dye Ampoule or Metal Dye Ampoule icon in the bottom right hand corner to convert the left-overs into a new dye. You can only choose one though! Take the Natural Dye Ampoule to one of the sheets located around Doki Doki Island to dye it a new color for some Cat's Paws!

Cat's Paw

Their unique shimmer makes night the best time to find them, but they’re easily missed with the hot sun beating down on the sand.

Rumors abound that they’re most prevalent in the Southeast corner of the island…

Take these to Mansur the Jewel Collector, who hangs out beside Wenger. He’s crazy for these little gems, and he’s got some very rare items he’s willing to trade if you collect enough… 

Cat's Paw Cost Item
300 Moonlight Couples Flight
80 Candy Pop Riding Hooded Ribbon Wig (F)
100 Candy Pop Riding Hood Outfit (F)
50 Candy Pop Riding Boots (F)
80 Candy Pop Wig and Wolf Ears (M)
100 Candy Pop Denim Jacket Outfit (M)
50 Candy Pop Sneakers (M)
20 Candy Pop Bracelets (M)
160 Falling Cherry Blossom 2nd Title
110 Wedding Persian Whistle
110 Wedding Russian Blue Whistle
300 Heart Wings
300 Hot Pink Heart Wings

...and more!
Among the most prized of Mansur’s possessions is the Moonlight Couples Flight Coupon, which will award you the power of flight. But this time, Mansur's items also includes a new Candy Pop set, and a set of wedding outfits for each race and gender!