11th Anniversary Attendance Event

ANNOUNCE 3/13/2019 2:40:52 PM
Doki Doki isn't the only event lined up for the 11th Anniversary! The 11th Anniversary Attendance Event is here to reward you for logging in during the celebration. We have new rewards, like the 11th Anniversary Fantasista 2nd Title Coupon, Tulip Hot-Air Balloon, and much more! Check out the full details below.

Attendance Event

Event Dates: Thursday, March 21, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 11, Before Maintenance

Event Details
  • Talk to Caravan Joe during the event period to obtain an Erinn Attendance Book.
  • Every day stay logged in 36 minutes (real time) you'll earn a stamp on your book.
  • Days do not need to be consecutive. It's okay if you miss a couple, but not too many!
  • Each day resets at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • Must be cumulative Level 30 or higher to participate.

Erinn Attendance Book Rewards

Check In Reward
Day 1 11th Anniversary Campfire Kit (Quantity: 3)
Day 2 Nao Soul Stone (Quantity: 3)
Day 3 Barbecue Hodgepodge
Day 4 G22 Mini-Gem Selection Box
Day 5 Tulip Umbrella
Day 6 Guardian Soul Stone (Event)(Quantity: 3)
Day 7 Tulip Detox Juice
Day 8 Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event)
Day 9 G22 Mini-Gem Selection Box
Day 10 Golden Hammer of Durability
Day 11 11th Anniversary Fantasista 2nd Title Coupon
Day 12 Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass
Day 13 11th Anniversary Rainbow Bubbly (Quantity: 3)
Day 14 G22 Mini-Gem Selection Box
Day 15 11th Anniversary Drawstring Pouch (Shop Bags)(Expands your shop bag)
Day 16 Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
Day 17 G22 Mini-Gem Selection Box
Day 18 Tulip Hot-Air Balloon

Item Details
  • The G22 Mini-Gem Selection Box allows you to choose one of four mini-gems, Cethlenn, Marleid, Piran, and Vayne.
  • The 11th Anniversary Fantasista 2nd Title Coupon contains the following stats.
    • Max Damage +11
    • Magic Attack +11
    • Water/Fire/Wind/Earth Alchemy Mastery Damage +11
    • Strength +11
    • Intelligence +11
    • Dexterity +11
    • Will +11
    • Luck +11
    • Max Stamina +11
    • Max HP +11
    • Max MP +11
  • The 11th Anniversary Drawstring Pouch expands any shop bag by 1 extra row at the bottom. Only one pouch can be attached per bag.